Jet that Wesley Safadão ‘won’ from Sheik dos Bitcoins can be seized

Jet that Wesley Safadão uses is still in the company name of the 'Sheik dos Bitcoins' and can be seized

Jet that Wesley Safadão uses is still in the company name of the ‘Sheik dos Bitcoins’ and can be seized

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A Cessna Aircraft jet is at stake amid controversy over blows taken by Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as the Bitcoin Sheik. Customers who had defaulted made a request for the arrest of the jet to the Justice of Paraná for the reimbursement of debts. On paper, the aircraft belongs to the Sheik, but is being used by the singer. Wesley Safadãoaccording to information from the The globe.

The arrest consists of a judicial seizure of the debtor’s assets, by the Justice, as a preventive measure that guarantees the future collection of the debt.

The petition was made through the Institute for the Protection and Management of Entrepreneurship (IPGE). Lawyers inform that the aircraft belongs to Sheik’s ITX Administradora de Bens Ltda. But it is being operated by singer Wesley Safadão’s company, WX Shows Ltda.

The jet had already belonged to Wesley before, but was acquired by Sheik for R$ 37 million. Afterwards, the singer’s defense alleges that he received the Sheik’s plane as a form of compensation for losses in the midst of cryptocurrency operations.

During the Operation Poyais of the Federal Police, which had among its objectives to seek to seize the largest possible amount of assets from the Sheik dos Bitcoins for future indemnification of its customers, the jet was not included in the list. On October 6, gold bars, cash, jewelry and cars were collected.

Process around the jet

The aircraft in question is a Cessna Citation Sovereign, model 680, with capacity for nine passengers. Sheik bought the jet, still from Wesley Safadão, in April last year for the price of R$ 37 million, in 19 installments.

Of these installments, eleven would be paid directly to the singer and the others to Maravilhas da Terra Produtos Naturais – a company that had previously purchased the jet and also paid it in installments. In this negotiation, Safadão would earn R$ 11 million.

But when the pyramid disguised as a bitcoin rental, orchestrated by Francisley, was discovered, the Sheik stopped paying the installments to Safadão. So the singer resumed the ship’s operationwhich was registered in the name of Sheik’s company, ITX Administradora de Bens Ltda, at the National Aviation Agency (Anac).

still at The globethe artist’s defense stated that the name remains related to ITX because of the Anac’s own update delaybut that there is evidence that the property belongs wholly to Wesley.

Francisley Valdevino da Silva, the Sheik of Bitcoins, is being investigated by the Federal Police as suspected of leading a gang responsible for billionaire frauds, both in Brazil and abroad. Police suspect that the group moved up to R$4 billion with fraud in Brazil.

In addition to Wesley Safadão, public figures such as Sasha Meneghel, daughter of Xuxa, were also deceived by the Sheik.

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