‘Little Miss Sunshine’ reveals herself as a victim of domestic violence

Photo: Instagram / Abigail Breslin / Modern Popcorn

Actress Abigail Breslin, who became known as a child for her title role in “Little Miss Sunshine”, took advantage of the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the US and shared, in a multi-slide post on Instagram, that it is a “survivor”.

She faced zombies in two “Zombieland” movies while being beaten up at her boyfriend’s house.

“I have been in a very abusive relationship for almost 2 years,” she wrote Abigail. “My abuser took advantage of my innocence and naivety and the relationship subsequently turned violent.”

During that relationship, Abigail says she was “beaten regularly, locked in rooms and forced to pretend everything was fine and normal” while hiding “injuries that most people don’t even see”.

“I would use concealer and hardened foundation to hide any and all bruises because somehow I still cared about this person,” she continued.

Abigail said the abuse made her feel “ugly and hated” and as if she “deserved less than dirt”.

“I was sure, there must be something completely wrong with me. I must have been a bitch, a problem, stupid, worthless, ridiculous, overly sensitive, unreasonable and unloved. Those two years were the loneliest I’ve ever felt,” she added. .

Abigail thanked her family and friends for the “support” during this tragic time, for “helping me out of this horrible situation”, and thanks to that she is now in “a wonderful, healthy, happy, amazing relationship with my fianc√©”.

“My C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is much better than it was for the first 2-3 years after my abusive relationship,” he said. “I still have moments. I still have nightmares occasionally and certain things still provoke me. I’m still healing.”

Abigail also said she wanted to share her experience to make others feel “less alone” and remind those who are “in an abusive relationship right now” that “you can get out of it.”

“I know it sounds impossible and terrifying, but you’ve survived so long and you can survive if you have the right tools and supports.”

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