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Miguel José is nine years old. A Ceará fan, he has been going to stadiums since he was four. He was thrilled with access to Serie A in 2017 and since then, he has celebrated many goals at Castelão. This Sunday, Miguel was startled to see the vandalism scenes. She saw children running, families trying to protect themselves from chairs flying across the stands. Michael, nine years old, felt sick and was rescued by firefighters. The record, made by photographer Thiago Gadelha, from Sistema Verdes Mares, went viral. The strong image reached the child’s mother, Taís Gomes, who was at home, watching everything on television.

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Miguel is attended by firefighters in Castelão — Photo: Thiago Gadelha/SVM

I was watching on TV, I was very distressed, worried. I started calling, contacting my father, but the call didn’t work. We were very nervous and worried because Miguel had never experienced this. Until my father, who was with Miguel, answered and said he was fine, he was in attendance, but he was fine – he scored.

– In the meantime, a friend of mine saw the photo that went viral and sent me a message asking if Miguel was at Castelão. Then she sent him his picture, which is pretty impressive, because he’s passed out in the fireman’s arms. At that time, I was devastated again. – reported the mother.

Miguel, his uncle and grandfather at Castelão for Ceará x Cuiabá — Photo: Personal Archive

Miguel was at the stadium with his grandfather and uncle. Taís explains that she also accompanies him to the stadium, but this time she ended up not going. From home, she watched the beginning of the confusion on television. Only after being able to speak with the father-grandfather who was with Miguel-she calmed down a little more.

Michael is fine. He got sick because he saw other kids getting sick. He saw the confusion, the violence, and he was scared. He wasn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable because of what he saw. He is recovering well. We hope that these memories will one day pass and that we won’t be haunted by it – he pointed out.

Thais regrets what happened. After the scare, when asked if she will return to the stadium soon, she concludes.

– We won’t be leaving anytime soon, unfortunately.

Miguel in Ceará’s game at Castelão — Photo: Personal Archive

Miguel and his mother at Ceará’s game at Castelão — Photo: Personal Archive

See all the confusion in Castelão

See all the confusion at the end of the game between Ceará and Cuiabá

See all the confusion at the end of the game between Ceará and Cuiabá

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