NATO and Russia Conduct Nuclear Training Amid Ukraine War

Despite Putin’s threats, Military Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has rejected any request to cancel Steadfast Noon.

RADOSLAW JOZWIAK / AFPnuclear exercises
NATO to hold nuclear exercise until October 30

Amid constant threats from the Russian president Vladimir Putina North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) started this Monday, the 17th, its regular exercises of nuclear deterrence. The military alliance insisted that this is “recurring and routine training” that will last until October 30, and that it had been planned before Moscow invaded Ukraine in February, so it is unrelated to the current situation. This is not the first time these trainings have been held, but it is the first time they have been done in the midst of an active conflict on the continent. The exercise includes B-52 long-range bombers. In total, around 60 aircraft will perform training flights over Belgium, the UK and the North Sea. Despite reporting that no change has been detected in Russia’s nuclear posture and Putin’s threats, the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, rejected any call for the cancellation of Steadfast Noon after Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped up his nuclear rhetoric. “It would be a very wrong sign if we suddenly canceled a long-planned routine exercise due to the war in Ukraine“, Stoltenberg said last week. It’s not just the alliance that is protecting itself.

Russia has also been carrying out exercises since the eve of the invasion. Putin tests his weapons and has already reported that they are the most powerful and there is no pariah weapon in the world for one of his missiles. The threat of using a nuclear weapon intensified after Ukraine began to regain territory and had a slight advantage in the war in the face of Kremlin defeats. With the annexation of four Ukrainian territories, the risks of using nuclear weapons have become even greater, as Putin has said he will do everything to protect his territories. Last week, in response to the head of the European Union, the Russian said that a nuclear confrontation would be a global catastrophe and again warned his enemies. The head of diplomacy European Union he had said on Thursday, the 13th, that “any nuclear attack against Ukraine will generate a response; it will not be a nuclear response, but it will be so strong from a military point of view that the Russian army will be annihilated.” In response, Putin claimed that a war with NATO would be a global catastrophe. “I hope those who are saying this are smart enough not to take such steps,” he said, citing the risk of “global catastrophe” from an atomic strike.

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