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After the 6-0 rout against Novorizontino, the Náutico squad returned on Monday afternoon for the start of preparations for next Sunday’s game against Grêmio, in Aflitos. And unfortunately, with another record of violence.

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Upon arriving at the club’s training center, right-back Thiago Ennes was ambushed by a group of fans who damaged the athlete’s car. The car had its rear window shattered, in addition to suffering dents in the bodywork and having broken one of the mirrors. The player was inside the car, accompanied by his father, at the time of the vandals’ action.

Right-back Thiago Ennes’ car is damaged on arrival at Náutico’s CT – Photo: Disclosure

Detail is that Thiago Ennes was not even listed for the match against Novorizontino. Upon arriving at the CT, the vandals could not identify the athlete because of the protective film and, according to the ge, they asked if whoever was inside the car was “the manager or the coaching staff”. As soon as the CT access gate was opened, the car was damaged.

Thiago Ennes, who is in his second spell at Náutico, took the field for the last time when he was called in the second half of the 1-0 victory over Brusque, on September 9. In addition to that, he participated in only three more games in Serie B.

Car of side Thiago Ennes is damaged on arrival at CT do Náutico – Photo: Disclosure

Side Thiago Ennes has a damaged car on arrival at the CT do Náutico — Photo: Reproduction

This is not the first case of violence involving Náutico fans this season. In February, some players even exchanged punches and shoves with members of a uniformed team after a defeat in the Campeonato Pernambucano.

The episode culminated with the departure of coach Hélio dos Anjos from the club, after public demand from his son, and assistant coach Guilherme dos Anjos for more security.

Kieza and Náutico players engage in fight with organizers after game

Kieza and Náutico players engage in fight with organizers after game

Also in February, when the coach was Felipe Conceição, the Náutico squad received threats on arrival at Guararapes Airport after being eliminated in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil and the van carrying part of the delegation had its windows broken.

In March, defender Carlão, currently at Almeria, Spain, was intimidated by fans in the club’s parking lot. The player was with his girlfriend and a four-year-old child. The episode made the club’s board promise more security to athletes on game days.

Náutico fan breaks access gate to the team's dressing rooms after defeat

Náutico fan breaks access gate to the team’s dressing rooms after defeat

In Serie B, the locker room access gate was broken into after the defeat to Londrina. After the defeat to Vila Nova, also in Aflitos, fans even used chemical toilets in confrontation with military police when trying, again, to gain access to the team’s changing rooms.

In the bottom of Serie B, with only 30 points, Náutico may already have been mathematically relegated in the next round. For that, it is enough for Chapecoense to score against Tombense, on Friday, or for the Pernambuco club to not beat Grêmio, on Sunday, in the Aflitos.

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