New ADDITIONAL NUBANK CARD? Learn more about credit

Nubank’s banking institution is currently one of the most famous in Brazil. This is because fintech offers different possibilities for its customers, as well as greater ease in transactions involving a credit card. According to information released by the bank itself, there are more than 60 million registered accounts in the country alone.

Therefore, within the various innovations carried out by fintech, a new possibility promises to provide customers with an extension of the credit card limit. The aim is to provide a new option for its users, in order to facilitate the use of the available limit, through a third person. Therefore, if you have a Nubank card, it is worth checking out the novelty.

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How does the add-on card work?

In advance, the new possibility of Nubank’s credit extension, has the tool capable of providing an additional card for a third person. That is, the bank is making available a new modality, which aims to allow its users to create additional cards, sharing the limit with another individual, even if he does not have a bank account.

That is, it is the option of registering dependents. That is, once a bank customer has a limit available on his credit card, he can allow someone else to use it. It is worth mentioning, therefore, that the limit will not be increased, only shared. In other words, it will be a way for the user to share the available credit in his account with someone he trusts.

This modality configures the citizens who will receive the additional card as dependents. In this way, the account holder will still be responsible for transactions and finances, as well as payment of the invoice. However, as an example, a limit of R$1,000 can be shared with that individual that the user registered as a dependent.

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Learn how to hire

First of all, as mentioned, the option is only available to those who have an active bank account, as well as coming from the available limit, considering the holder. Therefore, hiring is very simple. That is, the first step is to have downloaded the Nubank application (, available for versions android and IOS.

Consequently, after performing Login at the bank, the next step is to access the account’s home menu. There, you will be able to view an option that matches your available cards. It is necessary to select the option. Then, the tab to request an additional card will be available. Finally, the holder will need to fill in the fields with all the dependent’s data, such as CPF and full name.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to emphasize that the responsibility for the account still lies with the account holder. That is, the holder will still be responsible for the total invoice. Therefore, in case of non-payment and charges, the commitment belongs to the user who provided the additional card. Finally, it is a great option for those who have children, among other things, and need a card for their own use.

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