PVC comments on episode on Ilha do Retiro: ‘If logic prevails…’

If the logic of Brazilian football prevails, Ilha do Retiro will not be interdicted and striker Raniel will not be suspended by the STJD. The two should happen simultaneously, although stadium administrators are far more to blame than a player celebrating his goal.

The stadium is the home of the game. This residence needs to provide security. It is only licensed to operate if it fulfills this basic determination, does not become a trap for those who work within it. Ilha do Retiro became a trap at the time of the invasion.

There has to be punishment now. Preemptively announced. The same goes for Castelão, where people could have died, as happened in Indonesia two weeks ago.

The Brazilian Championships are too close to being important in the world, to spread so many tragic, sad images, as if this were the backyard of disorganization. Or as if to show what it really is.

The greatest sin is impunity.

Vila Belmiro was the scene of an aggression – it was more than an attempt – to goalkeeper Cássio, in full exercise of his work. After the episode, he has already received seven matches. The invader, Gabriel Andrade dos Santos, has a case for drug trafficking, as reported, and is free.

Santos, which owns the stadium, was fined R$35,000 and will have to play two matches of the next Copa do Brasil behind closed doors. The penalty is ridiculous.

César Saad, from the football police station, guarantees that he has not been able to enter the village. And? The feeling of impunity continues to spread across the country.

The weekend had a field invasion on Ilha do Retiro and Castelão. The president of the STJD, Otávio Noronha, already has in his e-mail a request to interdict the two stadiums. It will become a nine o’clock soap opera and end up in the Pantanal, where Cuiabá will have particular interests in relegating Ceará.

This country had a game without fans, because Ressacada has described the rupture of cables for the use of VAR. Another canceled three hours before the match, because there would be no visiting fans — but how many have there been in this same Brasileirão? Palmeiras x São Paulo played with a single crowd.

The Brazilian with the second highest average audience in forty years is the one with the greatest turmoil in a decade.

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