Razer launches several new accessories, including Gamer Lamborghini chair

News about new company devices revealed at RazerCon 2022

Last Saturday (15th), Razer held its annual RazerCon 2022 event, where it presented several novelties from its catalog, including a gaming chair in partnership with Lamborghini.

There were many branded devices and even some games appeared at the event, such as PC Builder Simulator 2. We are going to present some of the highlights of RazerCon 2022, but if you want to watch the event in full, just access the video below:

Razer Edge – The 5G Handheld for Gaming

The Razer Edge is a dedicated gaming device with 5G support and has thousands of compatible AAA titles since its launch. The user can access native Android titles or even pre-installed programs, such as Epic Games (Fortnite and Rocket League Sideswipe), cloud streaming services (such as Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now), and remote games, as they have access to PC game libraries such as Steam Link, Moonlight and Parsec.

Equipped with a 6.8” AMOLED display with 144hz refresh rate and 2400 x 1080 FHD+ resolution. In addition, it is reinforced with the latest Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 gaming processor. The new device comes with a Kryo CPU 3Ghz octa-core with Adreno GPU that delivers extremely advanced graphics and the best performance per watt in the industry. For long periods of uninterrupted use, the Razer Edge also has a battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh.

Available on Wi-Fi and Verizon 5G models, the Razer Edge 5G will initially only be launched in the United States and sold in a bundle with the new Razer Kishi V2 Pro controller, which brings together several Razer technologies, customization options and features such as advanced haptic feedback, 3.5mm audio port, and microswitches in the face buttons and D-pad, which provide tactical response and instant actuation for console quality in a fully portable gaming platform.

Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro and the Blue Screen

The new version of Kraken Kitty V2 Pro allows users to create multiple identities thanks to the concept of interchangeable ears.

Kraken Kitty V2 Pro is a wired headset with Chroma RGB backlight technology that comes with switchable kitten, bear and rabbit ears. Already included in the box, the cute accessories are quick and easy to change, ideal for streamers to change their styles and express their personalities and passions while streaming. All ears have the ability to react in real-time to broadcast events thanks to the more than 16.8 million colors of Razer Chroma RGB and its numerous effects. With these customization options, streamers can further highlight their content and engage their viewers from the lights, which can be synced to emotes, alerts, and more.

Other key features of the headset are the Razer HyperClear cardioid microphone, which is detachable and captures voice, and the Razer TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers with 7.1 surround sound for high-fidelity, precision audio. For comfort and acoustic insulation, it also has a high-performance fabric and foam padding and lining.

The Blue Screen is a chroma key style panel that adds an extra level of creativity and imagination to streaming scenarios. Made with premium fibers, it allows streamers to create their own worlds and display more immersive and seamless backgrounds without wrinkles. Used in professional film production, blue screens allow for cleaner keying and are ideal for creators who want to easily change backgrounds to increase interactivity and engagement with their audiences.

Compact, Blue Screen is a sturdy 94” (about 2.38m) backdrop, quick to install, height-adjustable and collapsible – ideal for storage.

The new Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed ​​and Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed

The Razer Kaira lineup has just been expanded and now includes PlayStation 5 headsets: the wired Razer Kaira X and the Kaira HyperSpeed ​​and Kaira Pro HyperSpeed, which are wireless and perfect for cross-platform gaming.

Powered by Razer HyperSpeed ​​technology, the new wireless headphones can connect via an ultra-fast 2.4GHz connection, ensuring seamless, low-latency audio, features that meet the demanding demands of competitive gaming across multiple platforms. with 30 hours of battery life. The Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed ​​also features industry-leading Razer HyperSense haptic technology that lets gamers feel what they’re hearing.

The headset features 50mm Razer TriForce Titanium drivers with titanium-coated diaphragms for superior audio clarity and maximum range, plus a removable Razer HyperClear Supercardiode microphone for crystal clear in-game communication.

Designed for gamers on the go, the Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed ​​is a cross-platform wireless gaming headset with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, ideal for a distraction-free audio experience and limitless freedom.

The Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed ​​Wireless In-Ear Earphone comes with two Ambient Noise Canceling (ENC) microphones for vocal clarity during speech, Razer Chroma RGB technology, a 30-hour battery life, and a charging case. With 2.4GHz wireless connectivity (via the included HyperSpeed ​​Type-C dongle) or Bluetooth 5.2, gamers will be able to eliminate distractions to play on the go with high performance.

Gaming chair Razer Enki Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition

Designed to be the best-balanced seating experience for gamers and sports car enthusiasts, the Enki Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition also features a premium Alcantara padded backrest, which has dual density, magnetic head cushion and precision reclining dial, all with the orange and black colors of the Automobili Lamborghini sports supercars, and the iconic Automobili Lamborghini logo on the back of the chair.

Razer Edge handheld console with Android system starts at $400

Razer Edge handheld console with Android system starts at $400
Razer Edge uses Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 and has a 144Hz AMOLED display


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