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Even without getting the victory over Bahia, Grêmio can still guarantee access to Serie A in the next round, when they face Náutico, in Aflitos. For that, however, the team has to count on parallel results, in addition, of course, to winning its commitment on Sunday, at 16h.

At the moment, Grêmio has 58 points, in the runner-up of Serie B. There is a difference of five points to the fifth place, Sport, which was also in a draw in the last round, against Vasco, in Ilha do Retiro.

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Grêmio and Bahia draw in Porto Alegre and take another step towards access

Grêmio and Bahia draw in Porto Alegre and take another step towards access

To confirm the return to the elite of Brazilian football, Grêmio needs three combinations of results. Sport (53 points), Sampaio Corrêa (52) and Criciúma (52), three teams just below the G-4, cannot win in the round. They face, respectively, Londrina, Ituano and Vasco.

Some facts unite the three matches that are of direct interest to Grêmio. All take place on Saturday, that is, before the commitment in the Afflicted. In addition, the three direct competitors play away from home, in games that bring together teams from the fourth to the ninth place, all of whom still have a mathematical chance of gaining access.

Grêmio players celebrate a goal against Bahia – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

The games for Gremio “dry”

  • 16:30 – Londrina x Sport, at Estádio do Café
  • 16:30 – Vasco vs Criciúma, in São Januário
  • 18:30 – Ituano x Sampaio Corrêa, at Novelli Júnior

It is worth mentioning that, to stamp the classification in the next round, Grêmio needs to have, at least, seven points of advantage over the fifth place, because then there will only be six points left in dispute until the end of the competition. The probability of access to the Tricolor is 97.1%, according to the Department of Mathematics at UFMG.

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