Sharing passwords in streams may have days numbered

If you are one of the people who share streaming accounts with your friends, there is a high possibility that this will become impossible.

One of the main companies affected by this practice is Netflix, which, together with the company Adobe, is creating a way to deal with this problem.

Netflix has lost a lot of users in recent months, with this drop in numbers largely due to the use of shared accounts.

Therefore, the company is considering using a machine learning system to observe user account sharing patterns.

Why will Netflix no longer allow password sharing?

For many years Netflix has allowed its users to share accounts between friends and users to keep their customer base happy.

However, this practice started to affect the business when a massive amount of its users canceled the company’s services and a “mafia” of shared passwords started to grow.

One of your options for dealing with this is to lower the subscription value even further, creating a subscription with an even lower value.

For this, the platform will create a type of subscription that will pass ads to users, who will pay minimum amounts to have access to the content.

However, Adobe says it has the solution that Netflix is ​​looking for, which will reduce losses valued at R$ 45 billion reais annually.

How will the proposal created by Adobe to solve the streaming problem work?

Adobe thought of a solution that would decrease the cases of users sharing accounts through “Machine Learning”, an AI (artificial intelligence) system.

The novelty will work as follows: all customers will be analyzed by the system, which will use various criteria to assess whether the account is shared.

Your goal will be to assess whether a particular account is being shared more than usual, without punishing users who don’t share their passwords.

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