Sport x Vasco: Raniel regrets invasion and says: “They called me a junkie”

Raniel talked about the confusion in the game between Sport x Vasco, yesterday, at Ilha do Retiro. In an interview with UOL, he defended himself and told about the riot that happened in the final minutes. In the match, Leão opened the scoring in the 19th minute of the second half, with Facundo Labandeira. At 48, the striker equalized in a penalty kick – scored after a VAR review – and celebrated in front of the opposing crowd, putting his hand to his ear.

“Whenever I played on the Island I received many provocations. And yesterday was no different. They called me a noiado, a drug addict and a drug dealer”, said Raniel.

The player said that the provocations started still on the bench, where he was called several names. When he entered and managed to convert the penalty into a goal, he used the celebration as a way of venting. After that, he saw fans invade the pitch and ran to the locker room.

“I’m a human being, I’m subject to mistakes. But people also made mistakes, right? From the moment they attacked me when they called me a noiado, drug addict and drug dealer. Even because I celebrated a goal the way I thought I should celebrate. It was my outburst. And I don’t think I did anything too much to cause all that. Unnecessary”, he explains.

Everyone stay together!

When leaving the field towards the locker room, Raniel said that there was a riot by the fans in the sector. Some insisted on trying to enter and broke one of the doors, but were stopped by the stadium’s support and security team. To leave, there were hours of waiting. It is worth noting that the atmosphere in the stadium was one of revolt on the part of Sport’s fans. A man even attacked a firefighter who was kicked while lying on the floor.

“We ran to the locker room, right? Zé pulled me, I ran. Some players tried to hit us. And in the locker room there was more turmoil. We stayed inside waiting for security and police support. An embarrassing situation. we got together and said ‘everyone stays together here! Don’t separate, they want to invade’. It took us a while to leave the stadium, it was a long time. We stayed there until the riot police said they had cleaned the streets”, he recalls.

“I felt bad for having been, whether I liked it or not, the pivot of what happened. But I was the pivot unfairly, right? Just because I celebrated the goal. I scored the goal, I celebrated. And I was treated as a marginal for that, they tried invade the locker room because of that… It took on a proportion that it shouldn’t have”, he adds.

Santa Cruz breed

Raniel was revealed by Santa Cruz, one of Sport’s biggest rivals. He played under-15, under-17 and under-20, until he became a professional at the club. For him, this was also a possible factor that boosted the reaction of Leão fans.

“If it was another player doing that there, maybe it wouldn’t be all this mess. Because I’m from Santa’s base… I’ve provoked Sport at other times, they’ve also provoked it too. That’s it, it’s football. You have to know how to provoke and knowing how to receive provocation. Because I was from Santa Cruz, I think it made them more angry”, he says.

“I also think it happened more because it was already 1-0 for Sport, a decisive game, they could reach us. And they thought they would win, I scored… And then it took all this proportion. But they called me a marginal , that, because I celebrated a goal. It’s not fair, right? Thank God everything ended well, there were no injuries or something more serious”, he concludes.

Sport is fifth in the table, with 53 points, just behind Vasco, who has accumulated 56 points and is fourth. With the invasion of the field, it is among the possible penalties: to give the victory to Vasco, loss of command of the field or fines. The prosecutor’s office examines both cases.

fans defend themselves

Today (17), Torcida Jovem do Sport, the main organizer of the Pernambuco club, issued a note of rejection on its Instagram account and blamed the “provocation of former drug dealer and user Raniel”. The uniformed woman said that the invasion took place from the “childish attitude of going to provoke the Torcida (swinging her genitals and throwing a chair) along with her companions”.

“Another important fact to be repudiated is the aggression practiced by people against the firefighters who were working. It is worth mentioning that our FANS ARE PUNISHED, by the club itself, where we promptly accept and respect the punishment, so whoever practiced the aggressions must be held individually responsible by your CPF and that it is not attributed to us, Torcida Jovem do Sport, this fault.”

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