Watch out for the new BANKING SCAM in the square! Febraban gives tips for clients to protect themselves; Look

With the increasing digitization of society, criminals have taken advantage of the exponential growth of digital operations to apply blows to the population. Among them is the Remote Access Strike, also known as the Phantom Hand Strike. The fraudster contacts the victim posing as a fake bank employee to install a fake app.

For this, he uses several approaches to deceive the client: informs that the account has been hacked, cloned, that there are suspicious movements, among other tricks. And it says it will send a link to install an application that will solve the problem. If the customer installs the app, the criminal will have access to all the data on the cell phone.

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) clarifies that bank applications have maximum security at all stages, from their development to their use. There is no record of breaching the security of these applications, which have the most modern technology in the world for this matter. In addition, for banking applications to be used, it is mandatory to use the customer’s personal password.

The entity remembers that a bank never calls the customer asking him to install some type of application on his cell phone. It also never calls asking for a password or card number or for the customer to make a transfer or any type of payment to supposedly settle a problem with the account.

Customers need to be aware

In the case of the Remote Access Scam, criminals perform searches on the device looking for passwords that may be stored by users in applications and websites.

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Many users write down their bank access passwords in notebooks, emails, WhatsApp messages or elsewhere on their cell phones. There are also cases of customers who use the same password to access the bank in other applications, shopping sites or services on the internet, and these apps, in most cases, do not have robust security systems and adequate protection of customer information. users.

It is up to users to take security measures. The first is obvious: to be suspicious of any contact from strangers asking for bank information or something like that. Hang up and, in case of doubt, contact the institution through official channels and another phone to find out if something really happened to your account.

Another basic recommendation is not to write down passwords on your smartphone, either on WhatsApp or on notepad. The best option is to use password vault services, which provide greater security for storing this type of data.

Awareness campaigns

Febraban and its banks constantly and massively invest in campaigns and awareness-raising actions in their communication channels with customers to guide the population to prevent fraud. In the federation’s networks, anti-fraud and scam communication continues uninterrupted through the Antifraudes Febraban website.

In addition to carrying out educational campaigns, banks invest around BRL 3 billion a year in information technology (IT) systems focused on security – an amount that corresponds to around 10% of the sector’s total spending on IT to ensure peace of mind of its customers in their day-to-day financial transactions.

The member banks also rely on the latest in cybersecurity and fraud prevention, such as encrypted messaging, biometric authentication, tokenization, and use technologies such as big data, analytics and artificial intelligence in risk prevention processes. These processes are continuously improved, considering technological advances and changes in the risk environment.

Additionally, banks also work in partnership with police forces to help identify and punish cyber criminals. Since 2015, Febraban has signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Federal Police, called Operação Tentaculos, to combat electronic bank fraud. During this period, through the intelligence and investigation work of the Federal Police, more than 60 operations such as Boleto Real, BR 153, Creeper, Valentina, among others, have already been launched.

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