Watch the videos of the field invasions in Cear x Cuiab and Sport x Vasco

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Watch the videos of the field invasions in Cear x Cuiab and Sport x Vasco

The Sunday (10/16) of Brazilian football was marked by field invasions in the games between Cear and Cuiab, for Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, and Sport and Vasco, for Serie B. See, below, the videos of the confusions, with regretful images.

Ceará x Cuiab

Cear fans invaded the Estdio Castelo field during the direct confrontation against Cuiab, in a match held this Sunday (16), for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Series A. and the game ended 1-1.

The confusion started in the stands, when fans started to fight. Some, more scared, invaded the lawn to escape the confrontation, while others entered the field to try to attack players.

Athletes from both clubs had to take refuge in the dressing rooms and, fearing an even worse situation, athletes and Cuiab’s technical commission decided not to return to the field.

Sport x Vasco

A great confusion paralyzed the direct confrontation of Srie B between Sport and Vasco, in Ilha do Retiro. Leo fans threw objects on the field and invaded the lawn. Players from the Rio de Janeiro team ran to the dressing room to avoid further confusion. At around 18:50, the match was over.

It all started after Vasco’s equalizing goal, in a penalty contested by Sport’s players. Raniel hit and converted. The striker and his companions went to celebrate in front of the main organized supporters of Sport.

Several objects were thrown in the direction of Vascanos and, soon after, several fans invaded the lawn of Ilha do Retiro.

Even before the invasion, Sport’s reserve players were on top of Vasco’s athletes, who ran towards the dressing room.

Soon after, fans invaded the pitch, attacked firefighters who were near the port, but were soon stopped by police. Even Leo players, like defender Sabino, tried to get fans off the pitch.

Some Sport fans got sick and received medical care on the pitch.

The coaches of Sport (Claudinei Oliveira) and Vasco (Jorginho) spoke with the report of the Premiere channel and warned about the dangers for the resumption of the match. The president of the Pernambuco team, Yuri Romo, informed that he wanted the end of the confrontation on Ilha do Retiro.

At around 18:50, the Sport players went to the dressing room, and the match ended.

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