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When asked about his plan to regulate the media, in the presidential debate held by Band, Lula chose not to respond, remained silent and changed the subject.

A topic that deserves to be discussed in this blog, after all, we live in a democracy and what we want for the future of the country is for it to continue, not regress. But, my dear reader, it is necessary to pay close attention, especially to the details, so that tomorrow we are not silenced by those we put in power.

In your opinion, in life, is practice or theory worth more? Talk or do? For me, it never helped someone to apologize and repeat the mistake, or say that they consider me, but betray me “behind my back”.

We spent years and years watching political speeches full of promises. However, it is not the most beautiful or popular that should prevail, but the attitudes of those who want to run the country.

The PT candidate, for example, has long expressed his desire to promote the regulation of the media, and his authoritarian attitudes in recent days, when asking for the censorship of the media, is a great indication of what can happen. And this is not a theory.

dictatorship of the left

Lula may have deviated from the subject in the debate, but he spoke about it in 2021, at a press conference held in São Luís, Maranhão. “We need to create a new regulatory framework for communication in Brazil. We approved (in my government) a program so that we could regulate the media. […] I don’t know why ‘water charges’ wasn’t put in Congress this bill”.

On the occasion, PT assured that if he returns to power this will be one of his first actions, he attacked the press and defended Venezuela. “I saw how the press destroyed Chávez [ex-presidente da Venezuela]. Here I saw what was done to me. We are going to have a public commitment that we are going to make a new regulatory framework for the media and I hope that senators and deputies understand that this is necessary for democracy. We are even going to discuss with society a regulation of the internet “, she detailed.

Could it be that Chávez’s problem, or Venezuela’s, was the press? Of course not! As we have already mentioned here, since the Chavista government began to intervene in private companies and create loss-making state-owned companies, inflation has surpassed 1,000,000% and the population has been left without access to basic consumption items, starving. There was no picanha or beer. A sad reality, supported by those who claim to defend the people.

It is an affront to democracy to defend regimes that should be abhorred by anyone who seeks a just and democratic country. But, unfortunately, ideological passion and lack of information have blinded people and prevented a rational understanding of the facts.

Practice is worth more

I understand, I’ve also been a victim of ideological romanticization. Many young people did not even live the period that the PT ruled and end up being seduced by discourses that one side is “the good guy who thinks about the people” and the other is “the bad guy”.

But if you think like me, that practice is worth much more than theory, you need to check results that go beyond criticism or crooked speech…

Some say that the PT had a good government when it was in power. However, as of 2014, Brazil has experienced the worst recession in history; what we saw was millions of jobs being destroyed and over 8 million people going below the poverty line.

On the other hand, currently, with growth of 1.2% in the second quarter of 2022, the advance of the Brazilian economy has surpassed that of countries that make up the group of the seven richest nations, such as Germany, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Japan and UK.

In 2016, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) with data from that year showed Brazil in ninth place in the number of homicides. According to data released by the Brazilian Public Security Forum, Brazil recorded the highest number of homicides in history that year.

When we see our reality in 2022, the numbers released by the Brazilian Public Security Forum show the opposite and reveal that Brazil had the lowest homicide rate in ten years.

We gave the PT 16 years of chances to change the country. The reality is that we have seen increased corruption and many delays; not to mention the relationships and investments in dictatorial countries and the countless cases of corruption.

Your vote is required

We are in 2022 and, because of speeches like this one from Lula, we feel the need to fight, not only for freedom of expression and the press, but for a free life and a promising future for our children. We must not hide just because the current polarization does not accept a different opinion.

If you don’t agree with the PT’s ideals, don’t hide behind a null vote.

In view of what happened with Michelle Bolsonaro and Tarcísio de Freitas in recent days, it is clear which side organized crime does NOT want to stay in power.

Furthermore, with all the censorship, it is evident who does not want freedom of the press and of the individual.

Faced with the attacks on those who have a different way of thinking, those who do not respect whom are wide open.

This is not the time to be on the fence. The country’s future depends on conscientious votes based on facts, not illusions.

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