Anitta vents on the internet and worries fans: “What is happening?”

anita is not very excited and recently made an outburst that left her fans very worried. By revealing that you have no desire to go out or meet other people, anitters began to suspect that the singer may be having problems related to her mental health. However, the carioca thinks it has more to do with the age. Will it be?

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Fur twitter, anita commented that he doesn’t feel like doing anything other than staying at home and watching a movie. “That stage of life where you don’t want to do anything, you don’t want to leave the house, you don’t want to see anyone and you don’t want to chat but you’re not depressed. He just wants to have a good time watching a movie with the dogs. The +30 people told me that it was like that and I thought ‘ahhhh 30 is still new’… well“, he commented.

Despite still having 29 years old, it seems that the artist is already feeling the weight of age. “It’s half a year to go until I’m 30 and I’ve already reached the symptoms. IT’S REAL“, he added. Even justifying the lack of animation due to the fact that she is older, some fans of the singer felt that the problem could be a little more serious.


What’s happening with you ? I miss Anita from 2019“, wrote a follower. “The time has passed“, replied another fan. However, there are those who believe that the voice of “Envolver” may even be developing a depression.

Aninha, I’m not a doctor, but I try to see straight because I have depression and at the height of it we get the way you mentioned, but we end up associating it with ‘age’. I get like this especially after the surgeries I do every year, surgeries wear us out mentally and physically“, advised a fan. It is worth mentioning that medical diagnosis is essential in case of depression.

But despite not being so excited lately, it’s worth remembering that anita is full of news. In addition to the launch of “Lobby”, with Missy Elliot, she will also be performing at this year’s VMAs. That is, reasons to be excited are also not lacking!

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