“Armageddon Time” gets a release date in Brazilian cinemas

The film also won official posters.

Armageddon Time
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“Armageddon Time” gets a release date in Brazilian cinemas and new posters highlighting the characters. The film stars great artists such as Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway and shows a history of the time, in which racial issues are a big debate in the United States.

The story takes place in 1980, a period when Americans were looking for a perfect American lifestyle and when racism was evident in various sectors of society.

With a questioning about the cultural shocks of society at that time, the film shows very intimate details, which were based on the childhood of the director and screenwriter of the work, James Gray. “Armageddon Time” opens in theaters on November 11.

Learn more about “Armageddon Time”

The film has the direction and script of the famous filmmaker James Gray, also responsible for “Z: The Lost City”. The drama also has Banks Repeat and Anthony Hopkins. The film opens on the day in November in Brazilian cinemas. Check out the official synopsis:

In Armageddon Time, in 1980s New York, before Ronald Reagan is elected president of the United States, a family lives in Queens and must go through a deeply personal process. Tracing an intense trajectory of maturation, the feature addresses the strength of the family and the search that crosses generations for the “American dream”. The film’s story is based on the director and screenwriter’s childhood, with a plot about loyalty and friendship.

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