Banks spend millions on election polls without explaining interest

Prevented from investigating research companies by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the Federal Police will not be able to help unravel the mysterious interest of banks and investment brokers in hiring electoral research. They spend millions. This has aroused the suspicion of experienced parliamentarians such as the government leader in the Chamber, deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), convinced that it is a “billion dollar business”.

Ricardo Barros thinks that polls may have been used to influence votes and also to affect the behavior of the Stock Exchange.

Brokerage and bank Genial spent almost R$2.6 million (R$2,585,831.61) on newcomer Quaest in September and October alone.

The investment bank BTG Pactual, whose owner is linked to Lula, paid R$1 million (R$1,031,662.64) to the FSB company for election polls.

XP Investimentos spent R$168,000 on two Ipespe surveys and Banco Modal spent R$907,000 on 14 Futura Intelligence surveys.

STJ ministers felt affronted by Lula

Ministers belonging to the Superior Court of Justice considered themselves affronted by the attitude of former President Lula (PT), who, on a visit to Maceió, praised his ally Paulo Dantas (MDB), the governor accused of corruption, at the exact moment when the Special Court of the STJ confirmed by an overwhelming majority the removal of the politician from his duties. Lula’s statements, along with politicians of ill repute in the state, turned on the alert in court about institutional risks.

The affront to the STJ began earlier, when minister Laurita Vaz began to be cowardly insulted for having removed the governor from office.

Paulo Dantas is accused of benefiting from a corrupt forget who stole R$54 million from public coffers through criminal looting.

He is responsible for the appointment of 93 people whose salaries of more than R$15,000 were withdrawn by accomplices using debit cards.

power without shame

indiscreet microphone

Francelino Pereira governed Minas Gerais and, when inaugurating energy in the interior, invited two deputies from the region, Israel Pinheiro Filho and Humberto Souto, who later became TCU minister. In Tocandira, Israel got excited, remembering in a speech that he was the son and grandson of governors and was greatly applauded. When his turn came, Souto said that he was neither the son nor grandson of governors, but a “son of the region”, feeling at home “in the midst of this suffering people”. He was even more applauded. Jealous, Israel commented to Francelino: “He’s a son of a bitch.

!, huh, governor?” The microphone was on, Souto, a good man, almost had a heart attack and the crowd burst into loud laughter.

The number of Brazilians who reached into their pockets and donated more than R$1 million to campaigns reached 53. The champion is still the billionaire of distributors Rubens Ometto, with R$8.7 million.

Romeu Zema (Novo) demanded total commitment “in these next 15 days” to help Bolsonaro in Minas. According to him, there is no point in making the State “a good government if Brazil is not functioning well”.

Video of a Azul plane taking off, with a painting of the Brazilian flag, went viral with posts from parliamentarians. One of the comments said it was a surprise that TSE had not yet been banned from flying.

If reelected, Bolsonaro (PL) promised to recreate the Ministry of Industry, which was first established by Juscelino Kubitschek, in 1960. Paulo Guedes is currently responsible for the Economy.

Quote of the day

second generation disinformation

Minister Ricardo Lewandowski (STF and TSE) inaugurates the ‘fake conclusion’, about real videos that can be misinterpreted and therefore need to be censored

This Monday marks the 49th anniversary of the oil embargo imposed by OPEC against countries they thought helped Israel in the Yom Kippur War, inaugurating the 1973 oil crisis.

While Brazilian interest in the elections has dropped again on Google Trends, a tool that measures the “temperature” of internet searches, Brazil is the third most interested country in the 2022 World Cup, behind only the Qatar headquarters, and the ( bankrupt) Argentina.

The impeached president Dilma Rousseff (PT) came to have 39 official ministries, slicing up practically the entire government to obtain political support. And she still had the 40th (unofficial) minister of Propaganda, João Santana.

The cold has started to reach the northern hemisphere and countries praised for fighting covid, unlike Brazil, such as the USA, UK, Italy and France are already with an average of deaths up to five times higher.

Debate lie is freedom of expression?

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