Benja cites Copa América and rebuts Galvão’s criticism of Corinthians

Presenter of “Arena SBT”, Benjamin Back did not agree with Galvão Bueno’s criticism of Corinthians and the postponement of the game against Goiás in the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship, and made a point of hitting the TV Globo narrator.

On his personal Twitter account, Benjamin Back cited Galvão Bueno’s criticism of the Copa América in Brazil during the pandemic, saying that the narrator would have been silent regarding the South American Qualifiers games for the World Cup that occurred in the same period.

The 2021 Copa América was broadcast on open TV exclusively by SBT, while TV Globo had the rights to broadcast the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup.

“Shame is also going down the aisle at the Copa América to be held in Brazil due to Covid, but not a word about the Qualifiers… .

What did Galvão say?

Galvão’s statements about the postponement of the game between Goiás and Corinthians were made yesterday (17), during the program “Bem, Amigos”, on SporTV. The narrator said that what happened is a shame for the championship and for the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

“Corinthians have one less game [no Campeonato Brasileiro] and that cannot happen. It is a disgrace for Brazilian football, for the CBF, for those who take care of the championship. If a judge said he can’t have Corinthians fans [no estádio do Goiás], Corinthians cannot embrace this idea and cannot not play on Saturday if they have a decision with Flamengo on Wednesday. And with Flamengo playing on Saturday”, said Galvão.

“‘Ah, but the holders had not traveled’. But a game is not made with 11. Perhaps, five who were playing could have to enter the game on Wednesday. It was absurd”, he added.

Why was the Corinthians game postponed?

The Common Justice, based on the recommendation of the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO), hit the hammer that the duel would be held with a single crowd, under the justification of “avoiding acts of violence between the organized supporters of the two teams, which have a history of great rivalry”;.

The Sports Justice, triggered by Corinthians after the imbroglio, gave reason to the paulistas and released the presence of Fiel in Goiânia. After there was no agreement for the conflict, the game was suspended in a decision signed by Otávio Noronha, president of the STJD.

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