Botafogo beats Fluminense in Laranjeiras with a goal at the end and is the under-20 women’s carioca champion 🏆

THEY ARE THE GLORIOUS! With a goal in stoppage time, the Botafogo won the Fluminense 2-1 this Tuesday (10/18), in Laranjeiras, and won for the first time in its history the title of Under-20 Women’s Carioca Championship. The black-and-white girls did well inside their rival’s headquarters.

Botafogo opened the scoring early on: Emily slipped in, Isa Rangel invaded the area and was knocked down by Alice Santos. The same Isa Rangel took the penalty with force in the middle of the goal and made it 1 to 0. Fluminense, however, equalized in the initial stage, at 38, in a free-kick scored by Hello.

In the second half, the game was very balanced, with both teams respecting each other. Fluminense even put a ball on the post in the 20th minute, with Helô. But the Gloriosas did not give up and got the title goal in the 45th minute: Gaby Louvain launched, Emilly Scaramelo dominated and touched the exit of the goalkeeper, making Fogão 2 to 1.


Stadium: orange trees
Date-Time: 10/18/2022 – 15:00
Referee: Thiago da Silva Ludgerio (RJ)
Assistants: Gabriel Borges de Pinho (RJ) and Evelyn Mendes Soares (RJ)
Yellow cards: Larissa Freiman and Tefa (FLU); Gaby Louvain, Emily, Yasmin, Larissa Nascimento and Japa (BOT)
red cards:
goals: Isa Rangel 12’/1ºT (0-1), Helô 38’/1ºT (1-1), Emilly Scaramelo 45’/2ºT (1-2)

FLUMINENSE: Lara Silva; Andreseinha, Alice Santos, Sarah Aysha and Leandra; Helô (Duda Cerqueira 38’/2ºT), Taissinha (Tefa 20’/2ºT), Laysa and Larissa Freiman (Sandy 38’/2ºT); Lorena (Dancy 48’/2nd) and Duda Calazans – Coach: Douglas Matsumoto.

BOTAFOGO: Julia Kerolyn; Leticia Debiasi, Kewllen and Nalon; Larissa Nascimento, Vic Moura (Raiani 48’/2ºT), Japa (Kamila Konrad 48’/2ºT), Gaby Louvain and Vânia (Emilly Scaramelo 30’/2ºT); Emily and Isa Rangel (Carol Valle 33’/2ºT) – Coach: Gustavo Roma.

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