Catch: Cassiano Elek Machado is fired from Planeta

Folha reports the resignation of Machado, who had held the position of editorial director at Planeta for eight years; the publisher has not released the name of a replacement

Cassiano Elek Machado |  © Bruno Poletti, Folhapress

Cassiano Elek Machado | © Bruno Poletti, Folhapress

A piece of news surprised this weekend among publications on the publishing market in major newspapers. In the Panel of Letters column, in Folha, Walter Porto reported that Planeta fired Cassiano Elek Machado, the house’s editorial director for eight years. The Spanish-based publisher has not announced a replacement for the position and is talking about restructuring the Brazilian operation. Machado says he learned of his departure in a videoconference with José María Calvín, general director of the multinational with a strong presence in most Hispanic countries, when Machado took over the editorship, Planeta had three publishing labels, which expanded to nine. The former director will have to cancel about 60 meetings he had scheduled for the Frankfurt Fair, which starts this week.

In Folha, the highlight is the biography of Daniella Perez, detailing the 22 years of the actress’ life, signed on December 28, 1992. Daniella Perez: biography, crime and justice (Record), a book by lawyer Bernardo Braga Pasqualette, does not bring any bombastic revelation, but it has the merit of organizing the truck of available information and offering a more balanced view amidst the shouting about one of the most noisy processes in Brazilian criminalistics.

Also in Folha, is the information that the actor, filmmaker and writer Lázaro Ramos was confirmed at an extra table with two young black poets invited., the Portuguese of Angolan descent Alice Neto de Sousa, 29 years old and published in Brazil by the independent publishers Selo Mirada and Ipêamarelo, and Midria Pereira, 19, from São Paulo, with a career in slam competitions. The purpose of the panel supported by Instituto Camões is to discuss the different expressions of the Portuguese language.

In Estadão, Ian McEwan, a 74-year-old English writer who likes to explore real-world events in his fiction, spoke about lessons (Companhia das Letras), launched now in Brazil. The protagonist, Roland, is a boy in post-war England sent to boarding school, where he meets a music teacher who takes advantage of his vulnerability. The author goes on to tell the story of the young man, intertwined with the main events of recent decades, such as the collapse of the Chernobyl power plant, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 attack. In the interview, McEwan talks about the danger to democracy caused by the Salman Rushdie attack.

In the column she publishes in Estadão, “A book per week”, journalist Maria Fernanda Rodrigues discussed the proposal to read the world with a child, in a reflection based on the reading of The soft stone soup. It is a European folk tale, edited by V&R, adapted in a new version by Cameroonian Alain Serge Dzotap and illustrated by Swiss Irène Schoch. The journalist defends reading before bedtime as a moment of meeting, of relaxation, without the commanding voice of the adult.

On Globo, an interview with the German Reiner Stach, who reconstructs the life of Franz Kafka between the ages of 27 and 32 in the book Kafka: the decisive years (Still). The biography debunks myths about the Czech author. According to Stach, “the most absurd thing was to say that Kafka was a man who had little to do with politics”. The book, released in Germany in 2006, is the result of a rigorous investigation that provided material for the author to publish a trilogy. Kafka: the decisive yearsruns from 1910 to 1915, and the following volumes of the reconstruction of the writer’s life will be released in Brazil.

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