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Vila Madalena, a neighborhood in the West Zone of the city of São Paulo, was elected the 13th coolest neighborhood in the world in 2022. The ranking is made and published every year by the international magazine specialized in tourism Time Out.

Thus, Colonia Americana, in Guadalajara, Mexico, recognized by Mexicans as the cultural capital of the country, ranked first. In South America, the São Paulo neighborhood was second only to the Yungay neighborhood, in Santiago de Chile, which ranked ninth.

Vila Madalena

In this way, Time Out highlighted that Vila Madalena “owes its bohemian character to the students of the University of São Paulo, who arrived in the 1980s, seduced by the attraction of cheap rent and cheaper caipirinhas. Today, trendy young types still abound: twentysomethings tattooed in the abundance of bars on Rua Aspicuelta from late afternoon to sunrise, though the nightly samba shows also draw crowds of multiple generations.”

In addition, “artisanal cafes and avant-garde galleries round out Vila Madalena’s cultural cache, but the highlight here is Beco do Batman, a community-owned open-air graffiti gallery that showcases the work of São Paulo’s best street artists. Paul”.

According to the magazine, the survey was carried out in the last six months, in 14 languages, with readers from all over the world, and aimed to hear opinions about the best in each destination.

Time Out also highlighted that visitors need to try Coffee Lab’s cheese bread and coffee and the pizza, considered “the best outside Italy”, served at Carlos Pizza. In addition, the mix of samba, snacks and “stupidly cold” beer at the Posto 6 and Salve Jorge bars was also a highlight. For those who want to buy handicrafts, the Vila Madalena Art Fair was recommended.

Ranking of the coolest neighborhoods

  1. American Colony, in Guadalajara – Mexico;
  2. Cais de Sodré, in Lisbon – Portugal;
  3. Wat Bo Village, in Siem Reap – Cambodia;
  4. Ridgewood, in New York – United States;
  5. End of Mile, in Montreal – Canada;
  6. Logan neighborhood, in San Diego – United States;
  7. Shimokitazawa, in Tokyo – Japan;
  8. Cliftonville, in Mergate – UK;
  9. Yungay neighborhood, in Santiago – Chile;
  10. Julien Course, in Marseille – France;
  11. Shawlands, in Glasgow – United Kingdom;
  12. Dundas West, in Toronto – Canada;
  13. Vila Madalena, in São Paulo – Brazil;
  14. San Isidro, in Havana – Cuba;
  15. Neukölln, in Berlin – Germany.

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