Deepfake Allows ‘Steve Jobs’ to Interview 11 Years After His Death

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An artificial intelligence company used deepfake techniques to allow “Steve Jobs” (or a digital version of him) to give a podcast interview. The objective of the initiative was to reveal how it is possible to create sounds as realistic as the photos and videos created with modern tools.

The podcast was created by, a company that specializes in creating AI-powered text-to-speech tools. The fictional material features the late Apple founder Steve Jobs being interviewed by controversial influencer Joe Rogan — who had 110 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently deleted, accused of spreading denialist information about the covid-19 pandemic.

Jobs’ voice still seems a little strange at times, but the AI ​​manages to recreate the nuances of speech, timbre and even the way of speaking of the former Apple CEO. Joe Rogan’s speech is more realistic, but there’s a lot more material available today than for a person who died 11 years ago.

Script was also created by AI

According to, the script was entirely created by intelligence, something impressive for a content without human intervention. The technology appears to be similar to that used in script-based imaging and video generation applications such as DALL-E.

@omnis_vos_scio AI Podcast: Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs – Made by 100% by AI. P1 #ai #joerogan #stevejobs #aiartist #artificialintelligence ♬ The righteous wrath of an honorable man – Colin Stetson

To arrive at the result, the company trained its algorithm with data from Steve Jobs’ biography. Several recordings obtained online were used, from videos and audio lectures, so that the system was able to bring him back to life with some precision.

The company guarantees that the plan now is to surpass the current level of speech synthesis, improving not only the quality of the voice, but also the eloquence and the ability to create speeches that are more “inspiring and impactful in the world of technology”.

Deepfakes are techniques for recreating people’s photos, videos or voices to simulate reality. This feature is seen with great concern by the technology market, as it could be used to spread fake news, incriminate public figures and attack enemies.

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