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Phrases like “I’ll wait for you around the corner”https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/,”you’re an idiot” or “come and say it to my face” can be common among teenagers or hot-tempered young people , but in the specific case, it happened in a place that requires a high level of concentration.

The protagonists of the exchange of insults and provocations were two pilots, in mid-flight, when they were preparing to land at Jorge Newbery Airport (Aeropoarque), informs the Clarin.

The pilots of two flights insulted each other, with the control tower as an intermediary.

The download took place on Monday (17), and everything was recorded. Now the audios are known (see the YouTube link at the end of this text).

One of the pilots who carried out the strong verbal exchange belongs to the staff of Aerolíneas Argentinas; the other, to the staff of a medical plane.

And the tense moment was experienced when they were about to land at the terminal called Aeroparque.

The bad example started when the air traffic controller asked the airline commander to keep his course and refrain from making landing maneuvers, as there was another plane that would have to make the descent first, the toilet.

“Could you keep .74 on your descent?” the airline pilot was asked from the control tower. “You can’t go faster than the other traffic,” he replied, with little patience. “Go later,” the tower ordered again.

This dialogue, which seems colloquial and related to the internal order of work, untied the knot for an exchange of insults between the pilot of the plane that had to land first – which, according to the Aerolíneas pilot, “was slow”.

“I thank you, command staff, and I apologize for what is happening to you with ‘Aired Airlines’”, intervened the pilot of the medical plane. That answer would be the beginning of the tense aerial discussion.

“No problem, it’s something that happens every day”, replied from the control, minimizing what was happening.

“So are these kids, the everyday slow ones. We also lag behind the slow ones”, replied the airline commander.

According to the audio released by the TN channel, the discussion gained tone: “Come and call me a boy in my face”, irritated the pilot of the medical plane.

“Look, if you’re the commander, you’re an idiot; and if you’re techno and command, I’ll give you a beating”, insulted the Aerolíneas colleague.

“I’ll wait for you around the corner”, was the reply.

“No problem, I’ll go to the checkpoint there. You are an asshole,” she finished.

There was no report on whether the pilots met face to face or not. The truth is that, in mid-flight and before landing, both pilots lost control and began to argue, as if it were a daily disagreement on any corner.

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