DualSense Edge will be released on January 26; see details

Sony announced on Tuesday that the DualSense Edge, the new PS5 controller, will launch globally on January 26. The device will feature several customization options and will come in a case full of items for players to use.

According to the Japanese company, the product was developed to deliver a high-performance experience along with customization alternatives to fans of the brand. Just like the standard model, the Edge version will have all the characteristic features of the original like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Here’s how the DualSense Edge will be delivered to players and the items in the pack:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • braided USB cable
  • 2 standard covers
  • 2 tall rounded covers
  • 2 low rounded covers
  • 2 half-rounded back buttons
  • 2 lever-type rear buttons
  • connector compartment
  • carrying case
DualSense EDGE
(Source: PS Blog)

The DualSense Edge wireless controller includes a host of hardware and software-based customization options, including button remapping, adjustment of analog stick sensitivity and triggers, options to switch between multiple controller profiles, and a unique user interface on the controller itself. . It also features the characteristic comfort and features of the DualSense wireless controller, such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.

Also as revealed by Sony, it will be possible to charge the DualSense Edge inside its own case through a USB connection.

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