Gabigol and Cassio lookalikes provoke each other

In the 0-0 draw, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil final between Corinthians and Flamengo, Cássio and Gabigol fought a separate duel, but with fair play between the athletes being strictly followed, without provocation or controversy. There is, however, a multiverse around them where the uproar is free and has no limits, and which has already fulfilled its role of heating up tomorrow’s classic (19), at Maracanã (RJ), which is worth the title of the competition.

Entertainment guaranteed in the stands and on social networks, Cássio de Piracicaba and Gabigol da Torcida, respectively lookalikes of the goalkeeper and the striker, were not on the fence when it came to bugging the opponent. Responsible for bringing a more playful and humorous side to football rivalries, they make their guesses without putting their foot on the brakes.

“I play a lot with him. [Gabigol da Torcida] and with Pedro’s doppelganger. Roll this provocation. But besides that we’re friends, we play, it’s sensational. But they know they are going to lose now in the final. And Cássio… I always say that the man has a big chin, he’s going to close everything in the goal”, joked Cássio from Piracicaba, who recently gained fame.

Already more used to the spotlight, Gabigol da Torcida didn’t let it go, and in addition to showing confidence in Flamengo’s victory, he still nailed the result of the game:

“What do I have to say to him? [Cássio de Piracicaba] is that they are definitely two great teams, which will be a tight game, but it’s normal, right? It will give Mengão [risos]! I’m sure we’ll come out with the victory and I’m still going to give my guess as to how the game will be: 3 to 1, with two goals from Gabigol and one from Pedro”, said the Gabigol look-alike, teasing his friend: “There, Cassio doppelganger! Come calmly, Mengão will crush it!”.

In the game at Neo Química Arena (SP), one of the most emblematic moves was the point-blank defense of Cássio, in the second half, in a kick by Gabigol almost already in the small area. The red-black character praised the striker and the goalkeeper, but guarantees that if it was in the universe of the doubles, the ball would have entered.

“The first game, without a doubt, was very important because any team that opened the scoring would make a total difference in the return, even so Gabigol had peace of mind. He kicked hard, kicked well, but Cássio was happy to catch this ball”, he evaluated, complementing: “But for sure, if it was in the doubles game, I would have total tranquility and I would make this goal.

Cássio de Piracicaba, in turn, was not intimidated and provoked not only the double but also Gabigol himself:

“Gabigol, in front of Cássio, trembles. He sees that the man is giant, a symbol of Corinthians, an idol. the friend of the “multiverse”: “He [Gabigol da Torcida] It’s a tremendous peg leg, son. He says he’s a big player, but he’s a tremendous peg leg and would also make a mistake in front of the giant. He would see that the little chin here is as big as Cássio and he would also make mistakes [risos]”.

Cássio de Piracicaba keeps his name a mystery and jokes: ‘Cássio who is my double’

Lookalike of goalkeeper Cássio has been successful in Corinthians games and on the internet - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Lookalike of goalkeeper Cássio has been successful in Corinthians games and on the internet

Image: Playback / Instagram

Cássio de Piracicaba’s fame is more recent, about three months ago when he appeared during a broadcast of a Corinthians game on TV Globo. As his nickname suggests, he lives in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, and is 23 years old. The young man has taken advantage of the exposure to invest in his career as a digital influencer, and adopts as one of the tactics not to reveal his baptismal name.

“Bro, my name is Cássio. You can put Cassio’s double there, and unidentified name [risos]. I don’t even like to say my name. It’s Cássio from Piracicaba [risos]”, said the doppelganger after failed attempts by the UOL Esporte of trying to extract your given name.

Last month, Cássio de Piracicaba had the chance to be close to his idol and source of inspiration on Corinthians’ 112th birthday [veja no vídeo abaixo]. They even interacted at a distance during the event where the goalkeeper was on stage, but closer contact has not yet taken place.

“I’ve already had the opportunity to meet Cássio on Corinthians’ birthday. We met, he saw me, but to really talk, just me and him, not yet. I want to say that I’m a fan of his and take a picture, because many followers ask, but it hasn’t happened yet. But I believe in God that this opportunity will arise, yes”, he declared.

Irreverent, Cássio de Piracicaba has a bold theory in which he believes that the double status should be reversed:

“Actually, I tell everyone that Cássio is my doppelganger, because I’ve been a Corinthians fan since forever. Cássio started playing for Corinthians a while ago [risos]”.

Gabigol look-alike has almost 300,000 followers and was a candidate for deputy

Gabigol da Torcida adopted the cut "samurai" applied by Flamengo's number 9 recently - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Gabigol da Torcida adopted the “samurai” cut applied by Flamengo’s number 9 recently

Image: Playback / Instagram

Without a shadow of a doubt, Jefferson Sales, the popular “Gabigol da Torcida”, can be called the “guru” of this multiverse. It was from that moment onwards – driven by the magical year of Flamengo and Gabigol in 2019 – that the look-alike fever exploded in Brazil.

With an entrepreneurial vision, Sales – who doesn’t really like the nickname “Gabigordo” applied by some fans – set up his team of lookalikes that nowadays has several characters inspired by red-black players, and turned the game into profit, making several partnerships and making him live, currently, from this digital influencer career.

With almost 300,000 followers on his verified Instagram account, he now invests in humorous skits with his fellow lookalikes, in a kind of “Hermes and Renato” style. [quadro humorístico que fez muito sucesso nos anos 2000 na MTV].

This year he launched himself as a candidate for state deputy for the PTB-RJ, but the popularity he saw in stadiums and on the internet did not translate to the polls. There were 1,842 votes, a result that did not elect him.

Cassio and Gabigol lookalikes talk to record together

Despite not having the opportunity to meet in person, Cássio de Piracicaba and Gabigol da Torcida have already exchanged messages and, in addition to healthy provocations, have agreed to record some sketches together.

Before and after the first leg of the Copa do Brasil final, the pair even played with each other, and Gabigol da Torcida sent some of the audios sent between them to the report of UOL Esporte. “Go take a shake again” and “now you’ll see what Corinthians is” were some of the provocative messages between the characters.

“I even made an appointment with the look-alike of Cássio to make a video. One of the games I went to against Corinthians there, I was at the stadium, I appeared on the broadcast, he also appeared, a friend sent me his contact, I arranged to make some videos with him , but unfortunately we couldn’t meet. But soon we’ll be scheduling to make the videos, some kind of joke. He makes fun of me, I make fun of him, but we haven’t met in person yet, no. But I can already tell that the Cássio’s lookalike is a cool, humble, cool guy and soon we will be making a video together”, informed Gabigol da Torcida.

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