Gloob ship will have the presence of the cast of “DPA” and “Bugados” – TELA VIVA News

Gloob ship will have the presence of the cast of “DPA” and “Bugados”

Navio Gloob, the first themed cruise of a Brazilian brand of children’s entertainment, is ready to set sail on December 12th. The cast of the channel’s programs is already confirmed. Among them, Nathália Costa, Pedro Motta, Cléo Faria, Ronaldo Reis, Samuel Minervino, Nicole Orsini and Anderson Lima, from “DPA – Detetives do Prédio Azul”, in addition to Gabriel Miller, Sienna Belle, Isabella Casarini, Ryancarlos de Oliveira and Vinícius Marinho, from “Bugados”.

During the three days of navigation, children will be able to take pictures in spaces dedicated to “Detectives of the Blue Building” and “Miraculous – The Adventures of Ladybug”, with dolls of the characters. There will also be an investigation activity during the trip. The porter Severino (Ronaldo Reis), from “DPA”, will spread clues around the ship daily, for the children to start unraveling a mystery that will be completely solved on the last day, on the main stage. And to relax, the Globoplay + Gloob Session will show children’s films at Teatro L’Avanguardia, with special appearances by the actors. Fans of “Rolê Gloob” will be able to participate in the competition on the high seas. Presenters Nicole Orsini and Pedro Motta will lead the games and challenges between the children, as well as on the TV show.

Another attraction of the Gloob Ship is the “Game Show Miraculous World”, which will test the knowledge and memory of fans of the heroes of Paris. The actors of “DPA” and “Bugados” will still answer questions from the public, tell about the backstage of the attractions and share unpublished stories about the seasons of the programs during the “Fan Moment”. In “Luz, Camêra, Ação!”, the cast of “Bugados” will also participate in an activity that will take children straight into the cinematic universe by simulating the recording of an original scene from the series. And in “Vlog da Berê com Brisa”, Nicole Orsini and Cléo Faria will teach the public dances, spell songs, looks of the day and how to create your own catchphrase, in the recipe for everyone to have a successful vlog.

The Gloob Ship will still have shows by Luccas Neto, Larissa Manoela, Melim, Vitor Kley and Sienna Belle. The cruise is one of the actions that celebrates ten years of Globo’s children’s entertainment brand, with a three-day and three-night experience on the high seas with children’s favorite characters. The ship will leave the Port of Santos on December 12 and sales are already open on the website. The realization is a partnership between Globo and PromoAção, MSC Cruzeiros and Clubinho Lab.

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