Is it safe to make payments with Apple Pay?

When a customer pays via Apple Pay, the user’s data is not sent, which is a secure transfer. know more

Apple Pay is Apple’s payment service, integrated with the iPhone (IOS) and all other Apple devices. Currently, it is one of the most popular digital wallets and, to use it, just register your card in the ‘wallet’ option and allow it to be used with your biometrics, in this way, you can use your card to pay at the machines.

However, so much convenience and technology can also bring some doubts and risks on the part of users, even though the use of digital wallets has already spread in the market. The biggest fear of customers is having the card cloned or data leaked without their authorization. So check now whether or not it’s safe to pay with Apple Pay.

It is important to emphasize and explain here that when a customer pays for an operation via Apple Pay, neither the card number nor the person’s data is sent, in this way, the transaction can be more secure. In addition, to approve the payment it is necessary to use Face ID or Touch ID for it to be finalized.

You also need to know that no additional fees are charged by the company either for using the service or for registering the cards in the application. So, if you receive a message or SMS saying otherwise, know that it is a scam. Never send your bank details via whatsapp or SMS to strangers.

The answer is yes, because when you add any type of card, such as credit, debit or prepaid in the application, the information is immediately encrypted. If you use the camera to register the card, don’t worry, because this photo is not saved either on the device or in the photo library.

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