“It just makes me**”; Gabriel Menino is selfish with Endrick in a capital bid against SPFC and Palmeiras fans get angry with the steering wheel

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Fans came out in defense of Endrick and that’s why the steering wheel was heavily criticized on social media

Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

Palmeiras did everything to beat São Paulo, at Allianz Parque, last Sunday (16), but could not overcome Felipe Alves, who, in addition to making great saves, saved a penalty from Gustavo Scarpa in the second half. With the setback, the difference to the vice-leader International fell again. Now, the distance is at 8 points with only 6 rounds to go in the Brasileirão.

With the expulsion of Nahuel Ferraresi at the end of the first half, Abel decided to go up in the second half and put Endrick on the field to play a good part of the second half. The athlete made good plays, even in the final stretch of the match he almost scored his first goal for Palestra. The 16-year-old started towards Felipe Alves and was only stopped by Lucas Beraldo, who ended up being expelled. In the next move, shirt 16 had the chance to hit the nets, but Gabriel Menino ended up getting in his way.

That’s because in a dangerous foul near the area, Endrick managed to get free in the area without the defender marking. Gabriel Menino, therefore, would have the option of playing the ball to the forward, who would be free to score his first goal for Verdão and guarantee the victory of Abel Ferreira’s team. However, the midfielder of Alviverde decided to kick on goal and ended up sending the grandstand. The player’s decision angered fans.

“To this day I don’t understand how we give the boy chances. It just makes me ***, it never hits anything”, said the fan. “I saw this and almost had a heart attack when this animal kicked it and didn’t touch it”, pondered a fanatic from Palmeiras. If they passed the ball to Endrick, in addition to him having fewer obstacles in front of him to finish, he would take the São Paulo players by surprise, as everyone was waiting for the direct kick. Having dumb players is complicated, that’s what it is”, concluded another member of the crowd.

The criticism of Gabriel Menino did not stop there. The crowd stayed a good part of last Sunday (16), “horning” the steering wheel on social networks. “Gabriel Menino, are you trying to kill a fan bro? Is it hard to try right?”, said a fanatic from Palmeiras. “Gabriel Menino has 787 shots in Goal, 0 goals in the last games. You want to bugle someone, bugle this crazy one”, shouted another member of the crowd. “Almost broke the controller at that time!! If you play on endrick he had space to finish. The boy was selfish!!”, lamented a fan.

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