João Gomes celebrates show at Rock in Rio 2022: “Never stop dreaming”

The piseiro will invade the Rock City! After recording a great DVD at Marco Zero, in Recife, the singer João Gomes has just been announced among the artists who will perform at Rock In Rio 2022. That’s right. The 20-year-old singer was confirmed as one of the attractions of the Arena Itaú Tik Tok and promises to take all its originality to one of the biggest festivals in Brazil.

João Gomes signs with Believe and releases new album ‘Digo ou Não Digo’. Photo: Disclosure

Stage for major national attractions and also for global music, the festival, which, in essence, brings together all musical tribes, was on the artist’s wish list. He, of course, celebrates the moment, which will be recorded forever in his trajectory. The presentation takes place on September 4thwhen artists like IZA, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato pass the world stage.

“I just recorded a great DVD in Recife, at Marco Zero. I’m still ecstatic about it and now I got the news that I would be performing at Rock In Rio. Another promise of God being fulfilled in my life. That’s what I always say: never stop dreaming. Only God knows where we can go.”

Exclusive: João Gomes is the most listened to artist on Kwai
João Gomes. Photo: Disclosure

This will be the first time that Rock in Rio receives the genre of pisadinha in its presentations and the expectation for this show is huge. The announcement of the Arena Itaú attractions will be made on two different dates. This Monday (22), in addition to João Gomesnames like MC Dricka, Fresno, Pedro Sampaio, Baco Exu do Blues, Karen Jonz, Terno Rei, Ananda and lagoon were announced in the space line-up. Ah, there’s also a vote for the songs from setlist their.

“I want to take this opportunity to invite all my fans to vote for the song they want me to include in the setlist. It will be a fully interactive show and with the participation of the public from beginning to end”, concludes João.

Kwaii’s Most Listened Artist

The survey carried out by Kwai, short video creation and sharing app, in the first half of this year revealed that among the musical genres most used by the app’s users, the Lining came first. In second place was the popwhile the funk came in third.

In addition, another highlight was the musical activities created exclusively in the application, in order to generate interaction between artists and users. on top of ranking it is #DigoOrNãoDigo as the most viewed. The tag was created for the official launch with an exclusive page for the singer’s new album João Gomes at the Kwai.

Exclusive: João Gomes is the most listened to artist on Kwai
Photo: Disclosure / Kwai

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then it’s #Friendactivity linked to the release of the homonymous song by the duo Simone & Simaria. The partnership between Baco Exu do Blues and Luisa Sonzawith the tag #HotelDearranked third.

“Kwai is a democratic and inclusive platform, which brings together all musical styles and different artists from all regions of Brazil”, says Antonio Abibe, Kwai’s director of content and partnerships in Brazil.

Exclusive: João Gomes is the most listened to artist on Kwai
Antonino Abibe, Kwai’s content and partnerships director in Brazil. Photo: Felipe Gabriel.

Top 10 most listened to artists on Kwai

The survey also gathered the top 10 most listened to artists on the app from January to June this year. Check the ranking:

  1. João Gomes
  2. Zé Felipe
  3. Simone & Simaria
  4. Xand Plane
  5. Iza
  6. L7nnon
  7. anita
  8. Wesley Safadão
  9. Tierry
  10. Henrique and Julian

Kwai premieres Election Center in partnership with TSE

O Kwai made the special page available Election Center, with exclusive content about the Brazilian elections in partnership with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). On air until the end of the election period, the functionality will be updated frequently over the next few months following the interest and needs of voters.

The contents of Election Center will be divided into two phases. In the first part, during the month of August, the application will provide official TSE videos explaining the importance of voting, how to fight fake news and the role of each electoral office. Users will be able to engage under the tag #YourVotoFazOPaís and encourage others to participate.

The second phase, throughout the month of September, will bring content to answer voters’ main doubts about election day, such as what to bring, documents and voting order, in addition to carrying out a challenge using the duet function with the tag #MeAjudaTSE, with the official disclosure of the answers.

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