Motorola presents the concept of a mobile phone; see how it works

What if you could make your phone screen bigger or smaller as needed? This is the premise of the proof of concept shown this Tuesday (18) by Motorola, during Lenovo Tech World. The North American brand showed a “scrollable” phone that changes the screen height after a double tap on a side button.

It’s a concept – so it’s not yet a ready-to-market product. However, it shows how the phone market can still innovate when it comes to phone format.

Most smartphones have the same shape: rectangular and with a glass screen. Lately, brands have been releasing foldable models to make phones more compact (like Motorola’s Moto Razr or Samsung’s Z Flip) or larger (like Samsung’s Z Fold).

What is known about Motorola’s rollable phone

Motorola just showed a teaser of the phone’s workings. Instead of a rigid glass screen, the model has a flexible OLED screen of 6.5 inches (16.5 centimeters) when extended, and which can reach 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) when retracted, leaving it in an almost square shape.

About the operation, the toggle is done by double tapping a side button. The curious thing is that the screen adapts to the content as it moves. This works both with your phone’s wallpaper and with a YouTube video.

Manufacturers have been showing “scrollable” screen electronics concepts for a while. One of the pioneers was LG, which a few years ago showed a television whose screen could be collapsed or expanded. The company has also shown a phone with a retractable screen, but never made it available on the market — the company even stopped producing smartphones in April 2021.

We shouldn’t have rollable phones in the short term, however these demos point out that the industry is moving to innovate and create new phone formats.

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