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Customizing the profile picture of WhatsApp, a popular messaging app available for Android and iOS (iPhone), is a simple thing to do. It is possible, for example, to change the angle of an image to leave the conventional, or even add borders to a photo to fit it into the square format of the application, without cropping. Other options are still useful for people who don’t feel comfortable taking selfies, such as high-quality image collection apps. TechTudo has gathered five tips that can be useful when putting a profile picture on WhatsApp. Check the lines below.

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Tips and tricks can make your WhatsApp avatar even better; see the list — Photo: Fernando Braga/TechTudo

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It is possible to resize photos to use them in WhatsApp, which guarantees a different crop than the default used in the app. The process can be done using Image Size, an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) that provides functions for resizing. To do so, open the app and select the image icon at the top of the screen to upload, or the camera icon to take a new photo. Choose the desired file and drag it inside the “square” of the application, until you find the position you want.

With a pinching motion, for example, you can “pull out” the image until it is whole, with borders on both sides – the thickness of the border will depend on your preference. The application even allows the file to be rotated to any side, completely changing the angle of the photo. You can also modify the background colors of the assembly. At the end of editing, just download and use the picture in the messenger’s profile.

It is possible to play with photographs using a resizing app, such as changing angles and customizing borders — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

WhatsApp does not allow the use of two photos simultaneously in the profile in a native way, but it is possible to use simple tricks to make a collage. The procedure is ideal for users who are in doubt about which photograph to use, transforming two images into one. There are several apps for this – like PicsArt, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The assembly process is simple: open the app and, on the home page, select the “Collage” option.

Select the photos you want to use and, at the top of the screen, choose one of the grids for the montage – it is important to choose a square option, in the same format as WhatsApp. Tap “Next” and then download the file by choosing the “Save as JPG” option. After that, just put the photo in the messenger. See the detailed tutorial of the process.

“Truck” allows two images to be used on the WhatsApp profile simultaneously – — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

By default, WhatsApp delimits users’ profile picture to square format, which often displays the image in a different way than expected. To solve the problem, WhatsCrop app helps in using blunt photographs in messenger account so that they are displayed “in full”. To do this, download the app, select “Select Photo” and take a selfie or upload it from your gallery.

The photo will appear with a “transparent rectangle” on top of it. Adjust all the ends to cover the entire image and tap the “Check” symbol. Now, the app will add borders to the image, making it square and ready to be used on your messenger account without cropping. It is still possible to change the characteristics of the edges, adding solid colors, gradients or a blurred version of the photo itself. See the complete step by step.

WhatsCrop, an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS), is useful to add “Full” photos to the profile of the messaging app — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

4. Create an avatar to use as a photo

A fun option to use in the WhatsApp avatar are memojis. They work like emojis that bring together specific user characteristics, such as details of the face and mannerisms, and, on Android, they can be generated in three different types of illustration through the Mirror app. The platform uses the smartphone camera to detect people’s physical characteristics, in addition to allowing manual customization – the app even has the addition of accessories.

Another option is the creation of Memojis, a fun feature available only for iPhones with an operating system from iOS 13 onwards. With it, users can create caricatures of themselves, using various customization options. In addition to changing the features of the face, it is possible to choose accessories such as earrings, makeup and piercings, leaving the digital version very similar to “real life”. After that, just save the creation and add it to the WhatsApp profile.

User caricatures are a fun option to use as a profile picture on WhatsApp — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

5. Find photo options on flickr

Landscape photos are a good alternative to replacing selfies if users are not comfortable adding photos of themselves to their WhatsApp profile. To find high quality records, there are options such as Flickr, which is available for Android and iOS (iPhone), in addition to having a desktop version.

The platform works as a “community for photographers” and has a wide collection of photographs. To find an option you like, open the app, tap the magnifying glass icon and type in the search bar terms such as “landscapes” and nature. Then download the file and use in your messenger account. It is worth paying attention to the copyright of each image before using it.

Flickr works as a “photography community” and has a collection of high quality images — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

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