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Due to the high inflation that culminates in the increase in prices, many Brazilians are finding it difficult to support their families and buy basic items. Thus, many are looking for jobs that pay better or even an extra income. Thus, several platforms have offered very opportune job openings and, also, carried out online. With this, in addition to receiving well, you can work without having to move from your home.

Check below which platform is offering good salaries.

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4 thousand vacancies to work from home office

One platform has about 4,000 job openings in the areas of sales, technology, marketing and the financial sector. It is still possible to even apply as an intern. Some of the applications may serve as a first job experience, not requiring other experience in the field. In addition, some of the areas may not be fully remote and may require a hybrid model. In this way, some of the schedules can be in person and others online. Or even trips to the company may not be constant, being only necessary at certain times.

In addition to all these advantages, the jobs offer good salaries. For example, vacancies for anti-fraud consultants can vary between R$5,000 and R$7,000. And it’s not just a good salary that the company counts on. The company, which is part of an international group specializing in Information and Communication Technology, also offers some additional benefits. Thus, the worker may be entitled to meal vouchers, food vouchers, health and dental plans. It is also possible to request CLT or PJ.

In the case of vacancies to work with the anti-fraud system, which offers the best salary on the platform, it is necessary to have proven experience in HP ERM and HP FMS and also complete higher education. In addition, the other vacancies are aimed at:

  • Insurance and payroll loan seller;
  • Business consultant;
  • Civil lawyer;
  • Sales consultant;
  • Service analyst;
  • Foreign trade assistant;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Graphic design;
  • Trade Representative;
  • Web developer;
  • Others.

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Learn how to register

To register, interested parties must send their updated CV to the InfoJobs portal ( In addition, it is important that the resume contains all your information, that is, full name, address, training and courses already taken, objectives with the company and also your work experiences. It is worth mentioning that the work experiences must be described from the most recent to the oldest, this is because their most recent work is of most interest to the company, so it is important that they read it first. Therefore, focus on sending a good resume, as this is a differential when hiring

Also, the registration process is completely free and on the website you can choose the vacancy for which you want to apply. Remember to choose the one that best matches your professional profile so that your chances increase.

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