See the video that Gil do Vigor made for his BBB21 registration!

In February, Gil do Vigor shared their first BBB21 signup video. Wearing a polo shirt, shorts and flip-flops, he talked about his life, achievements and the certainty that he would win the program. Now, the economist has released a second video, also created for Globo’s reality show. “Don’t judge me, I was angry”he declared in the caption of the post on Instagram.

See the video that Gil do Vigor made for his BBB21 registration!
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Despite enormous willpower, Gil do Vigor was the 16th eliminated and did not reach the BBB21 final with Camilla de Lucas, Juliette and fiuk. However, he won over the public and shortly afterwards accumulated the total value of the prize, R$ 1.5 million, with works and publicity.

Well, now happy with life, the economist wanted to share with his followers the registration video in which he was accepted by the Big Boss, that is, cute! In the log, he begins by saying:

“Hello, ‘Big Brother Brazil’! My name is Gilberto, I am 28 years old, I speak of Janga Paulista, a city in Pernambuco, I am doing a PhD in economics, I am in the second year and what brings me here to register for you is that I am the next champion of Big Brother Brazil“.

Gil highlighted that he studied in a public school and that he had to fight a lot: “Against expectations and fighting what people said and society itself, I was never one to shut up what people decided for me, because I am very firm”.

He also said, which was later confirmed on the show, that he is a person with a strong personality, but very cheerful, playful, communicative and not afraid to speak his mind.

“I’m sure all my experience, my success and all the things I went through in my life were preparing me to check out ‘Big Brother Brasil’. Because? Because I could never be afraid, because the poor cannot be afraid, because the fight is constant and danger is everywhere. So I’m going to be afraid to take a stand on Big Brother, be afraid of criticism? I don’t need to, because my whole life has been like this.”

Check out Gil do Vigor’s full video:

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