STJD prosecutor asks for ban on Castelão and Ceará games without an audience

The STJD Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint regarding the scenes of violence that occurred in the matches between Ceará and Cuiabá, for Série A do Brasileiro, and Sport and Vasco, for Série B, and requested, in injunction, the interdiction of Arena Castelão and Ilha do Retiro. . It was also requested that Vovô and Leão da Ilha play behind closed doors as principals, in addition to not having the right to charge visitors’ tickets.

The complaints were made based on articles 205 (preventing from proceeding due to insufficient number of athletes), 211 (failing to maintain the event venue with the necessary infrastructure to ensure full guarantee and safety for its realization) and 213 (Failing to take measures capable of preventing and suppressing disorder, field invasion and throwing objects onto the field), in addition to articles 19 and 20 of the CBF’s general competition regulations, which speak of suspension of the match. The penalties provided for are monetary fines, loss of field control for up to ten games and loss of points at stake in favor of the opponent.

It will be up to the president of the STJD, Otávio Noronha, to grant or not the preliminary injunction. As for the complaints, the processes should be on the agenda as early as next week.

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If the injunction is granted, Fortaleza will also not be able to play in Castelão until the document is revoked. O Sports THE PEOPLE found that Tricolor must petition as an interested third party.

The STJD Attorney’s Office also asked for the preventive suspension for athletes Luiz Henrique and Raniel, from Vasco da Gama. They were denounced in articles 258-A and the second also in 258-A.

The complaint, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, is a quick response against the images of violence that circulated in Brazil on the night of this Sunday, 16.

wanted by Sports THE PEOPLE, Ceará’s legal department informed that it has not yet been cited in the case and will “wait for the official citation to study the measures that will be taken”. Sejuv said that “it will comment on the complaints of the Sports Justice Attorney when it is notified by the Superior Court of Sports Justice of Football (STJD).”

See mentioned articles:

Article 205 – Prevent the continuation of the match, event or equivalent that is being disputed, due to intentional insufficiency of numbers of its athletes or in any other way.
PENALTY: fine, from R$ 100 to R$ 100 thousand, and loss of points in dispute in favor of the opponent, according to the regulations.
Paragraph 1 The sporting entity is subject to the penalties of this article if the suspension of the match has been proven to be caused or provoked by its fans.

Article 211 – Fail to maintain the place that you have indicated for holding the event with the necessary infrastructure to ensure full guarantee and safety for its realization.
PENALTY: fine, from R$ 100 to R$ 100 thousand, and interdiction of the place, when applicable, until the requirements contained in the decision are met.

Article 213 – Failing to take measures capable of preventing and repressing:
I – disorders in your sports venue;
II – invasion of the field or place of the sporting event;
III – throwing objects on the field or place of the sporting event.
PENALTY: fine, from BRL 100 to BRL 100 thousand.
Paragraph 1 When the disorder, invasion or launch of an object is of high severity or causes damage to the progress of the sporting event, the practice entity may be punished with the loss of command of the field from one to ten matches, events or equivalent, when participating of the official competition.
Paragraph 2 If the disorder, invasion or launch of an object is carried out by the opposing entity’s fans, both the host entity and the opposing entity will be punishable, but only when proven that they also contributed to the fact.

CBF RGC 2022

Article 19 – A match can only be postponed, interrupted or suspended if at least one of the following reasons occurs:
I – lack of security;
V – conflicts or serious disturbances on the field or in the stadium;

Article 20 – When the match is suspended for any of the reasons provided for in art. 19 of this RGC, this will be done after judgment of the corresponding case by the STJD:
I – if the Club that caused the suspension of the match was winning or the match was tied, such Club will be declared a loser by the score of 3 to 0 (three to zero);

Highlighting the seriousness of the facts, the Prosecutor’s Office also requests the interdiction of Arena Castelão and Ilha do Retiro. In addition, the request is for teams to send their games behind closed doors and forfeit the right to charge tickets for games as visitors.

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