The Farm 14: Everything you need to know about the new season!

The day has finally arrived for the grand opening of “The Farm 14“, this Tuesday (13)! In the next three months we’ll have a lot of fire in the hay with this cast of pawns. To stay on top of everything that happens in the house, you need to keep a close eye on the week’s schedule so you don’t miss the dynamics. It is these tests that define the farmer and even the power of the lamp, which can change everything in the formation of the swidden.

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Check out the schedule for the week at “A Fazenda 14


Fire Trial, where the pawn that will win the lantern with the power of the flame is defined (to be used in the formation of the garden).


Formation da Roça (live), which can have several different dynamics each week


Farmer’s Test (live), who saves one of the people who entered the farm


Elimination (live)


Shows the day of the pawns and the start of the party (live)


Display of everything that happened at the party


Coexistence of pedestrians (recorded)


As you can see from the week’s schedule, the public will have about 24 hours to define the elimination of the week. Voting opens on the website on Wednesday after the result of the Farmer’s Trial and the announcement of who leaves the reality is made by Adriane Galisteu On thursday.

To vote, viewers choose the pawn or pawn to remain in the square. Unlike the BBB, for example, the person selects the participant they want to eliminate.

And there’s already a vote going on! The public must define which of the five names of the Paiol that should enter the house and be part of the official cast of “A Fazenda 14”. Candidates are: Bia Miranda, André Santos (former Corinthians player), Sergio Rodrigo Campos Costa (MC Creu), Claudia Castanheira (MC Gui’s mother), Suzi Sassaki (ex-reality of Multishow).

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Who are the participants of “A Fazenda 14”?

The official list with all the names was released last Monday (12) at the premiere. Check all pawns and pawns:

  • Vini Büttel (On Vacation with Ex)
  • Tati Zaqui (funkeira)
  • Rosiane Pinheiro (actress, dancer and World Cup muse)
  • Thomaz Costa (ex-Carousel and ex-Island)
  • Petala Barreiros (influencer)
  • Lucas Santos (former Carousel)
  • Kerline Cardoso (former BBB)
  • Iran Malfitano (actor)
  • Ingrid Ohara (influencer)
  • Redhead from Mars (funkeira and tiktoker)
  • Shayan Haghbin (ex-Marriage Blind)
  • Ellen Cardoso (Strawberry Woman, Naldo’s wife)
  • Deolane Bezerra (influencer)
  • Deborah Albuquerque (former Power Couple)
  • Alex Gallate (Formerly The House)
  • Bruno Tálamo (Reporter for RedeTV!)
  • André Marinho (ex-Broz and Power Couple)
  • Barbara Borges (actress)
  • Mauricio Augusto Lourenço (rapper Pele Milflows)

POPline eyeing “The Farm 14”!

The reality show premieres this Tuesday, September 13 from 10:45 pm on Record TV! O POPline is already doing full coverage on the reality. Keep an eye out so you don’t miss a thing!

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