Understand how MONSTA X is after IM leaves the Starship agency

as you saw in POPlinethe South Korean artist IM officially ended its exclusive contract with Starship Entertainment. The decision came shortly after the MONSTA X take a break from your activities. Now, the question remains: How can the breakup influence the future of the K-Pop group?

Understand how MONSTA X is after IM leaves the Starship agency
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Let’s remember that this is not the first time that fans, called MONBEBEs, are surprised. In October 2019, Wonhowho was the leader of MONSTA X, announced his departure after having his name involved in a debt controversy. At the time, the news shook the fandom.

In this sense, the announcement that IM broke with Starship Entertainment had a lot of repercussions and is among the most talked about topics on Twitter. In a statement, the agency said it had spoken extensively with the artist, but still couldn’t turn the situation around.

We talked a lot with IM, but our exclusive contract with him will unfortunately come to an end. We want to thank you for your hard work, effort and devotion over the years. Let’s hope for his future activities and new career.”

Fortunately, this does not mean that the MONSTA X lost another member. IM is following the example of several other idols, who are leaving the agencies but without leaving their respective groups. wheeinof MAMAMOOfor example, did the same thing last year.

“As all six members still have an unchanging affection for MONSTA X and MONBEBEs, we have come to a mutual agreement that IM follow along for group activities in the future,” Starship clarified.

In addition, the agency made a point of reinforcing that all members are preparing for group and individual activities. Finally, they thanked all the fans for their support: “Once again we express deep gratitude to MONBEBEs around the world, who continually show love and support for MONSTA X.”

So now you know, independent of the agencies, the MONSTA X stay together!

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