Who will be paid for gas vouchers this Monday (17)?

Caixa Econômica Federal will pay the Gas Voucher to those who have the NIS final 4 (Social Registration Number) this Monday (17). The amount made available will be R$ 110 and millions of families will benefit. The payment would start on the 18th of October and end on the 31st, but it was brought forward by a week.

The Government presented some measures for the population before the end of the elections. One of these initiatives was the anticipation of this month’s Vale-Gás. Payment of the benefit follows the Auxílio Brasil calendar. Families who wish to receive the aid must follow some rules:

  • Family member who receives the BPC (Continued Payment Benefit);
  • Women heads of households and those who are victims of domestic violence have priority;
  • Present monthly family income less than or equal to half a minimum wage per person (R$ 606).

How to receive the benefit?

It is important to remember that people who receive other government grants will be able to participate in the program. According to the rules, aid will be paid using Auxílio Brasil cards and passwords. Here’s how you can access the value:

  • Caixa Tem app;
  • lotteries;
  • Self-service terminals;
  • Digital savings account;
  • Banking correspondents Caixa Aqui.

Gas Valley Calendar in October

The program aims to help families to have access to cooking gas in a dignified and safe way. Payment is made every two months. In the past, 50% of the value of the 13 kg cylinder was paid, but the benefit became 100% of the value of the gas until December 2022.

Check out the October aid calendar below:

Social Registration Number / Payment Date

  • Final NIS 1: 11/10;
  • Final NIS 2: 10/13;
  • Final NIS 3: 10/14;
  • Final NIS 4: 10/17;
  • Final NIS 5: 10/18;
  • Final NIS 6: 10/19;
  • Final NIS 7: 10/20;
  • Final NIS 8: 10/21;
  • Final NIS 9: 10/24;
  • Final NIS 0: 10/25.

Image: renata colella / shutterstock.com

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