Widow of Wilson Moisés, ex-president of Vila Isabel murdered in Rio, reports strange facts: ‘Buggy cell phone and drone visit’ | Rio de Janeiro

In a post on Sunday (16), on her Instagram profile, she detailed the situations and explained that they have all been reported to the police, who are investigating the circumstances of Moses’ death.

“Days without being able to post anything because strangely Ana Patrícia’s phone [filha da modelo], which I was using, and my laptop were bugged. I went to my carrier to retrieve my number and found that my iCloud account was deleted. Facts that I consider abnormal,” he posted.

Image of the cell phone and laptop posted by Shayene — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

  • 9-year-old daughter of the former president of Vila Isabel accompanied her father when he was killed
  • Who was Wilson Vieira Alves, former president of Vila Isabel, shot dead in Rio

Shayene added that before her death, the house she lived in with her husband was visited by a drone.

“I brought it to the attention of the police, as well as a drone visit to my residence on September 19 – 6 days before my husband’s murder. I pray to God that justice is done! May Moses’ death no longer be one to go unpunished,” he wrote.

In conversation with g1, Shayene also said that her daughter’s phone and laptop were left with the police for analysis, and that the family follows a routine of fear.

“I’m afraid. I try to lead a normal life with my daughter. I’m taking her to the psychologist to overcome this trauma, but it’s not been easy. Day after day, I live in fear. We always lead a peaceful life. I ask God every day. to do justice,” he said.

The former president of Unidos de Vila Isabel, Wilson Vieira AlvesMoisés, was murdered on the night of September 25, on Avenida das Américas, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio.

The ex-director was going to the Portela court with his wife, Shayene Cesariowho is the association’s muse, when he was killed.

The g1 had access to the record of the cameras of the gas station where the crime took place, last Sunday (25).

The attack on Wilson Moisés, former president of Unidos de Vila Isabel, lasted less than 15 seconds (see below).

Attack on former president of Vila Isabel lasted less than 15 seconds

Attack on former president of Vila Isabel lasted less than 15 seconds

A retired military man – he was a sergeant in the information sector of the Parachute Infantry Brigade -, Moisés arrived in Vila Isabel in mid-2004 and was in charge of the association in the title of the Special Group in 2006. Later, his son Wilsinho Alves He was also president of the school.

In 2010, Moisés was arrested in the Federal Police Operation Alvará, which investigated the mafia of slot machines and bookmakers. He was released the following year.

Wilson ‘Moisés’, former president of Vila Isabel, was killed on Sunday (25) in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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