Wonder Woman 3 should start production very soon

little information about wonder woman 3 have been revealed so far, since its confirmation at the end of 2020. With the return of Patty Jenkins in the direction next to Gal Gadot in the lead, the plot of the film remains unknown, but it is assumed that it will be taking shape these days.

And according to recent reports revealed, it looks like productions on the feature film should start soon.

wonder woman 3
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Wonder Woman 3 Script Coming Soon

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter this past Monday, it is pointed out that the Warner Bros Discovery is already waiting for the delivery of a script for wonder woman 3.

For now, more details have not been revealed, but this may point to production on a third film set to begin in the coming months, as receipt of a script ends the pre-production period for the feature film.

“A script for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 is eminently expected.”

Considering that this one should be delivered soon, the third film should start shooting in 2023 and hit theaters in 2025, as the heroine makes use of a lot of computer graphics for her feature films.

Wonder Woman 3 script is ready

While the The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Warner Bros Discovery is already waiting for the delivery of a script for wonder woman 3, this shouldn’t take long to happen. Earlier this month, in an interview, the director Patty Jenkins confirmed that he has already written the final scene of the film, with him, for now, possibly going through its final details.

“It was always a three-film arc. There is a story that spans these three movies into one complete. I just finished the final scene of Wonder Woman 3.”

In the article, the director also mentions the possibility of a fourth feature film for the heroine, stating that Warner Bros. has already asked her to think about how this would happen. You can check more details by clicking here.

Check out the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, the latest superhero movie

Currently, the two feature films by Wonder Woman are available on HBO Max.

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