5 different options for male baby names with the letter ‘K’

Deciding on a child’s name is a very important choice, as that name will accompany you for the rest of your life. Therefore, in order to help you choose your child’s name, we are going to share a list of 5 names masculine with K and their respective meanings. Check out the full article to find out what they are. Good reading!

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Proper names that start with the letter K

Check out now the 5 male names with K and their meanings that can help you decide your child’s name:

1. Kevin

This option is of Irish origin and arose from the combination of the terms “cóem” and “gein”. The name means “what was born beautiful” and “loved since birth”. It was widely used by the Irish to name their children when they thought the child would have a quiet, peaceful, generous and kind personality. Kevin became a very popular name in Ireland and in several other countries, including Brazil.

2. Kale

Kalel is a variant of Kal-el – Superman’s real name – and is of American origin. However, because it is a variant of a name that came out of the comics, it can also be said that this name has Kryptonian origin, since Krypton is the planet on which superman appeared. Kalel means “the little Superman” and/or “little star” This name has gained increasing popularity around the world, including a great growth trend in Brazil this year.

3. Kale

Kaleo means “the voice”, “the calling”, and “the chosen one”. The official origin of the name is not yet known, since some sources indicate that it is of Hawaiian origin and others of Hebrew origin. However, the meaning is the same, regardless of its origin. Due to this background, the name Kaleo has become a very common name among Hawaiians and among the religious community. Over time, it also gained a lot of popularity around the world, including Brazil.

4. Kauã

Being a variant of Cauã, this version means “hawk” or “hawk”. This name has an indigenous Tupi-Guarani origin and is a great choice to convey values ​​linked to the traditions of traditional Brazilian culture, since it is a name that is directly associated with the country’s history.

5. Kaue

Being a variant of the name Kauã and also a derivation of the word Cauê – this name is a typical greeting of the Tupi people. This version has a Tupi-Guarani indigenous origin and means “hawk”, “hail” and “kind man”. This name gained great prominence during the Pan-American Games that took place in 2007 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, due to the fact that this is the name of the official mascot of the games.

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