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A little over a month and a half after the arrival of 5G in Fortaleza, on September 5, the new generation of mobile network has already reached 80 neighborhoods in the capital of Ceará, about 66% of the total.

The information was revealed by Gilberto Studart, regional manager of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) in Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Piauí.

The coverage in question is made possible by the operation of 175 pure 5G antennas from the three technology operators – Tim, Claro and Vivo. Considering non-pure 5G, which uses part of the 4G infrastructure, the number of antennas and covered neighborhoods can be even greater.

“The success that 5G has been experiencing is proportional to its penetration: the more you use 5G, the more you appreciate the differences and advantages that this new technology offers. acquisition of compatible cellular devices”, he says.

Anatel’s director also projects that, considering the speed of advancement of 5G coverage so far, it is possible that 100% of the neighborhoods will start to receive the technology later this year, although there is still signal oscillation at some points, a variation that has already was foreseen and is gradually being corrected.

“The high speeds experienced – above 1 Gbps – and the low latency (delay) provide users with a much more satisfying experience and quality of service. It’s a technology that is really disruptive!”

Check out the list of neighborhoods with 5G signal in Fortaleza:

  1. Meireles
  2. hamlet
  3. papicu
  4. Fatima
  5. City of Employees
  6. Edson Queiroz
  7. parangaba
  8. Manibura Park
  9. Vila União
  10. mucuripe
  11. Itaperi
  12. Carlito
  13. Pamplona
  14. ladies
  15. Maraponga
  16. Dionisio Torres
  17. mondubim
  18. pan-american
  19. Rodolfo Teófilo
  20. Jacarecanga
  21. America’s Garden
  22. Quintino Cunha
  23. Joaquim Távora
  24. tatuapé
  25. jockey club
  26. Vila Peri
  27. Luciano Cavalcante
  28. swamp
  29. Manuel Sátiro
  30. Santa Rosa Park
  31. Vicente Pizon
  32. Future beach
  33. Sao Joao do Tauape
  34. Mount Castle
  35. Antonio Diogo
  36. benfica
  37. center
  38. Poop
  39. Garden of Olives
  40. José Bonifacio
  41. Jose de Alencar
  42. Iracema Beach
  43. Iracema Park
  44. Sapiranga
  45. Barra do Ceará
  46. Barroso
  47. Good garden
  48. Christ the Redeemer
  49. from Lourdes
  50. Dom Lustosa
  51. José Walter
  52. Manuel Dias Branco
  53. Two Brothers Park
  54. Siqueira
  55. Varjota

The list of neighborhoods was provided by the operators themselves, Tim and Vivo. Respondent, Claro did not return until this publication and only the neighborhoods pointed out by the company on the day of the arrival of 5G in the Capital were included in the survey, without updates.

Coverage in other municipalities

As columnist Victor Ximenes said, an Anatel measure could speed up the deployment of 5G in municipalities in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (RMF).

The entity signaled last week that Siga Antenado – an entity created by operators Claro, TIM and Vivo – will begin the process of migrating the satellite TV reception signal in metropolitan regions and in the vicinity of cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants later this month. .

The procedure is one of the steps of “band cleaning”, necessary for the establishment of 5G, and includes the free distribution and installation of digital satellite dish kits for low-income families included in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico).

According to Anatel, the migration will allow “possible anticipation of the release of the lane in these cities” to be evaluated. Another step that needs to be carried out is the mitigation of interference actions in the Fixed Satellite Service receiving stations.

Officially, the technology implementation calendar predicts that 5G would start in cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants from January 1, 2023.

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