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Arena MRV is in the final stretch of a long-awaited work by Atlético-MG fans. This Tuesday, the club reported that the work has already exceeded 85% completed. In addition, a novelty for athletics: the “Mural Alvinegro”, a space in the stadium where fans’ names will be engraved on tiles.

Illustration of how the mural with the name of fans will look like at the Atlético-MG stadium — Photo: Comunication Arena MRV

Fans who want to have their name at the entrance to the MRV Arena or pay homage to someone will have to make an investment of around R$400 (see values ​​for members at the end of the article). There are two types of tiles available on which up to 19 characters can be written on each one. The purchase is made through the Arena MRV website.

One of the tiles with a written name that will be placed in the Atlético stadium — Photo: Disclosure / Arena MRV

Casa do Galo is in the final stretch of construction. The coverage is 90% complete, and the lawn has already had 30% of the planting process carried out. In the last week, the ge toured the stadium. Arena MRV will arrive in January 2023 at 100% complete. Of course, the adjacent works will be lacking, mainly the road, which will provide access for the 46 thousand fans to the place, on a full day.

– Today we have 45% of the chairs installed, in white, gray and yellow colors, and now we need the black ones to finish coloring the stands. (…). The lawn was made with deep drainage, we are in the part of this sand, which is suitable for sowing, it is on the proper slopes for better drainage. All heavy machinery services within the field are already running out. This entire lawn will be intact from November onwards, and then it’s just a case of waiting and seeing the grass grow. Two months, 60 days, without anyone touching it inside – said José Carlos, one of the engineers responsible for the work in an interview with TV Rooster.

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Values ​​of “alvinegro wall”

Partner Arena MRV – On sight | From R$400 for 1x of R$360 (10% discount, that is, R$40)
Partner Arena MRV – Installments | 10x R$40 (interest-free)
CNG partner – On sight | From R$450 for 1x of R$405 (10% discount, that is, R$45)
CNG Partner – Installments | 10x R$45 (interest-free)
Non-Member – In sight | From R$500 for 1x of R$450 (10% discount, that is, R$50)
Non-Member – Installments | 10x R$50 (interest-free)

Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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