Bomb: Atlético-MG wins date to become billionaire

Atlético-MG is getting closer to becoming SAF. the journalist Henrique Muzzilive on Youtube from the channel Rooster Spout brought some information. “Atlético will discuss the transformation of a club to the Sociedade Anônima Futebolística (SAF) in November. So the month is already set“, said.

Muzzi went on. “The deliberative council will be convened for an ordinary meeting, led by Ricardo Guimarães and Renato Salvador to discuss, then, through an election, a vote, the change to society, as it is today, to a Sociedade Anônima do Futebol. Atlético ceased to be a non-profit club and became a company club in November, when this vote should take place“, he commented.

Finally, the journalist explained part of the process. “Atlético will not be sold at this meeting. (…) Atlético will be the SAF within Atlético itself. Then in the month of December or a little further on, we do not have this information, Atlético can be bought by a foreign group there, with the percentages already defined.“, he concluded.

SAF value

Atlético’s SAF has everything to be the most expensive in all of Brazil. According to a report by GOAL: “the mining club would have stipulated that it is to sell part of the shares of SAF for the amount of R$ 2 billion.”

Henrique Andrésector worker at Galo Itatiaia Radio, talked about the possible investor. “The tendency is for an investment fund to be the buyer of SAF do Galo. The intention of the summit is for the club to keep 40% of the shares. The assets (social clubs, Cidade do Galo, Arena MRV) would remain with the association. Only football would go to the SAF. There are interested parties, about 16 who signed the letter of intent. Half of that number is actually in the fray. The idea, the expectation is that now in November there will be a definition“, said Henry.

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