Corinthians thrashes So Paulo away from home and leads in the semis of Paulista Sub-20

This Wednesday, Corinthians started the semifinal clash of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20. In a fight for a place in the big decision, Timão took the lead and thrashed São Paulo 4-1. The goals were scored by Arthur Sousa (twice), Guilherme Biro and Pedro.

The score reflected what was a very impetuous performance on the part of Corinthians. Danilo’s team went to halftime with a 1-0 lead, in a scenario where they could have scored even more goals. In the second, more vertical stage, Corinthians scored two more goals and could have won by an even greater advantage, had it not been for the distraction that resulted in the rival’s goal.

The final vacancy in the decision will only be known next week. Next Wednesday, Timãozinho receives São Paulo at Fazendinha in the big decision of the confrontation.

The game


Coach Danilo sent a Corinthians close to his maximum strength onto the field. The coach could count on the return of Pedro, who was integrated into the U-17 team and started the match on the bench.

Timão started the game with Kaue; Léo Mana, João Pedro, Murillo and Vitor Meer; Ze Victor; Matheus Araújo and Pedrinho; Kayke, Biro and Arthur Sousa.


My Helm

First time

Coach Danilo, as for most of the season, built his team in what looked like a 4-4-2. Zé Vitor and Matheus Araújo formed a pair of midfielders while Biro and Kayke positioned themselves further forward, as midfielders. Pedrinho and Arthur Sousa set up the attacking duo.

São Paulo, the team that held the field command this Wednesday, was the one who started the duel with the greatest idea of ​​proposing a game. At five minutes, Pedrinho left Zé Vitor behind and was fouled at the entrance of the area. The goalkeeper Leandro charged placed, but sent it out.

Corinthians’ first chance in the match came in the 14th minute. On the left side, Vitor Meer gave a beautiful cross to Guilherme Biro, who received it at the entrance of the area. The number 10 only supported Pedrinho, who finished placed and forced the defense of the opposing goalkeeper.

Once again, Pedrinho managed to scare the São Paulo defense. The Corinthians midfielder was launched at speed and entered the area from the left side. Then, he looked for a low cross for Arthur Sousa, who passed everyone in front of the goal.

The improvement soon led Corinthians to open the scoring. Léo Mana recovered the ball in the attack field and played for Guilherme Biro. Corinthians shirt 10, with a first-rate touch, left Arthur Sousa in good condition to clean the opposing defender and shoot for the goal.

Right after the goal, another interesting move by Corinthians using the striker in the attack field. Arthur Sousa faced the opposing goalkeeper and was disarmed. The sequence of the bid, however, resulted in a back ball, where the referee whistled an indirect free throw.

In the charge, Pedrinho and Matheus Araújo positioned themselves next to the ball. Who could finish, however, was Guilherme Biro, who stopped the goalkeeper.

Even without creating great chances, Corinthians showed good ability to control possession during the first half. Danilo’s team concentrated most of their attacks on the right side, where Léo Mana, Biro and Pedrinho appeared as options.

São Paulo only came close to scaring Corinthians in the final minutes of the first stage. Negrucci kicked hard from outside the area and stopped Kauê, who slotted the ball in the middle of the goal. With that, Timão went to halftime with a 1-0 lead on the scoreboard.

Second time

Corinthians returned for the second half with two changes. On the left side of the attack, Pedro replaced Kayke. In midfield, Zé Vitor gave way to Riquelme in the protection of the penalty area.

São Paulo, behind on the scoreboard, soon sought to impose itself to try to reduce the damage built in the opening minutes. What was seen at the beginning of the second stage was a much more offensive posture from the home team, which sought to nullify Timão as soon as the ball came out.

Corinthians’ first finish in the second half was from the feet of one of Danilo’s novelties for the second half. Pedro intercepted the goalkeeper’s throw and tried to hit it hard, but got the ball wrong.

São Paulo soon tried to respond. After pressure on Corinthians’ ball out, forward Cauê led through the middle and brought it to the right foot. In the shot, the striker didn’t catch it well and sent it out.

Defender Murillo, in a venture in the attack, managed to create what was almost a great chance for Corinthians. The defender led from the defense area and went to the attack, where he handed the attacker Pedro. The offensive player tried to return the ball, but it was intercepted in the penalty area.

After controlling the initial momentum of São Paulo in the second half, Corinthians managed to ease the situation in the best way possible. Pedro gave a beautiful pass on the right side to Pedrinho, who crossed with perfection for Arthur Sousa to head into the back of the net.

Despite the comfortable advantage, Corinthians got into trouble in the game a few minutes later. Brito infiltrated the area from the right and came face to face with Kauê. The Timão goalkeeper made a nice save on the first throw, but he couldn’t stop the São Paulo midfielder on the rebound.

In the 33rd minute, in an inattention by the São Paulo defense, Higor recovered the ball in the middle and played for Guilherme Biro. The Timão midfielder launched Arthur Sousa at speed, who was stopped with a penalty by defender Italo.

The chosen one for the collection was Guilherme Biro. The left-hander, very coldly, displaced Leandro and scored Corinthians’ third goal in the classic. The rout got even bigger soon after, when Pedro took advantage of the goalkeeper’s rebound and scored the fourth and final goal for Timão.

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