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Pedro Martins, executive director of Cruzeiro, is yet another critic of the refereeing of Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães in the defeat to Guarani, this Tuesday. The celestial manager used social media, but in a mild tone, to complain about the referee’s work.

Three expulsions!  Cruzeiro received three red cards against Guarani

Three expulsions! Cruzeiro received three red cards against Guarani

Martins does not directly cite the examples, but considers that Wagner’s performance should be used by the CBF to analyze the importance of referees controlling matches. In the first half against Guarani, Daniel Júnior and Filipe Machado were sent off, as well as Gonzalo Álvarez, physical trainer.

– Cruzeiro x Guarani will be a great example for the Arbitration Commission to demonstrate the importance of game control in a football match, it will also serve to reinforce that the protagonist must be the spectacle. We remain confident and working for the progress of our football – wrote Pedro Martins.

Pedro Martins is Cruzeiro’s executive director under Ronaldo — Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

In addition to the three expulsions in the first half, which were influenced by indiscipline of those involved, Wagner do Nascimento also gave red to Edu in the second half.

The player was on the bench and was annoyed that Guarani players had celebrated the goal by kicking the flag from a corner with the Cruzeiro symbol. After dispersing a confusion near the bench of the Minas Gerais team, the referee showed red to Edu and gave yellow only to Richard Rios, and Giovanni Augusto, as well as his teammate, celebrated by kicking the flag.

Cruzeiro’s dialogue with the CBF has been constant throughout the season, not only about arbitration, but also in relation to the subject. Appearances like that of Pedro Martins to talk about the matter are rare since Ronaldo’s team arrived at SAF.

After the match at Mineirão, Pezzolano also criticized the refereeing, citing that Wagner do Nascimento wanted a leading role in the match. The Uruguayan coach cited as an example the yellow card given to Rafael Cabral, in the 15th minute of the first half, for alleged “wax” by the goalkeeper in a goal kick. The game was tied at 0-0.

– The referee trying to take the lead in the game is something strange, it doesn’t exist. The best referee in the game goes unnoticed. At 15 minutes, Rafael Cabral is booked for doing wax. Us, in Mineirão, making wax in a 0 to 0? Something strange, not normal.

In other moments of the press conference, the coach acknowledged the mistakes of Daniel and Machado, who left the team in hand for disciplinary reasons. However, Pezzolano also reiterates that refereeing influences what players say.

– The player does not swear for the sake of speaking. Something strange happened. That’s what I can say, because meaningless yellows are not normal. Knowing that Cruzeiro is going to try to win, it never fails, a team that seeks protagonism, speed of play, it happens fast, it gets out of everyone’s mind, something will happen, and it did.

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