Cruzeiro vs Guarani: referee reports threat from director and explains expulsions

Machado was the second expelled from Cruzeiro in the defeat to Guarani
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Machado was the second expelled from Cruzeiro in the defeat to Guarani

Cruzeiro’s 1-0 defeat to Guarani this Tuesday (10/18) was marked by four expulsions in Mineiro. Referee of the match valid for the 36th round of Serie B, Wagner do Nascimento Magalhes explained, on the scoresheet, the application of red cards, reported a threat from a director of the celestial club and shots of cups towards the lawn.

According to the owner of the whistle, Enrico Ambrogini, Raposa’s director of operations, addressed the refereeing team in an intimidating tone after the end of the first half, when the hosts already had two fewer.

“I inform you that, at the end of the first half, when the referee team was going to their dressing room, on the way out of the field we were intercepted by Mr. Enrico Ambrogini, an employee of Cruzeiro, telling us the following words: “if something bad happens here, It’s your fault, you’re responsible,’ Wagner said.

O supersports he sought out Cruzeiro’s press office, but received no response until the article was published. This report will be updated if this occurs.

Expelled in Cruzeiro vs Guarani

Cruzeiro lost control of the game in the 33rd minute of the first half, when Daniel Jnior was sent off. As reported in the scoresheet, the midfielder received the red card for cursing the referee. “The same one coming towards me gesturing and saying the following words ‘foul son of a bitch’. I felt offended in my morals and honor”, Wagner wrote.

The celestial team’s situation became even more dramatic three minutes later. Filipe Machado, who had already received a yellow card for contesting the referee’s decision on Daniel Jnior’s bid, was sent off “after receiving a second warning in the match for silencing an opponent in the dispute for the ball, preventing a promising attack”.

With two more, Guarani opened the scoring in the 10th minute of the second half, with Isaque. In the celebration of the goal, the players of Bugre celebrated the goal scored near the bench of Cruzeiro. The celestial athletes were angry, they went up to their opponents, and Edu, who had already been replaced, was expelled.

“I expelled him directly because, in the celebration of the opposing team’s goal, he left his substitute bench and went towards the opposing athletes, who were celebrating the goal, and aggressively grabbing the shirt of his opponent Giovanni Augusto, starting a beginning of confusion”, explained the referee.

In addition to the three players, Cruzeiro’s physical trainer, Gonzalo Menoni, was expelled from the match “for complaining against the referee’s decision in an insulting manner, aggressively kicking the microphone of the broadcast of the match”.

tossing cups

“The first and second cups were thrown at the place where the CBF members were, at 36 minutes of the first half in a continuous act to expel athlete nº 23 from Cruzeiro (Filipe Machado)”, he wrote.

“The third cup being thrown in front of the substitutes bench of the home team, at 11 minutes of the second half, in a continuous act to celebrate the goal of the visiting team. The fourth cup was after the end of the match, towards the referee team , who was heading to his dressing room”, he added.

According to the summary, this fourth cup was collected by an employee of the Celestial Club and played in the ditch that separates the stands from the playing field. After the match, the legal director of Raposa, Marcos Silva Melo, told the referee that all the facts that were reported were recorded in incident reports.

With the result, the j champion Cruzeiro remained with 72 points in the table. Now, coach Paulo Pezzolano will have nine days to prepare the team for the penultimate match of the season. The team will return to the field on the 27th (Thursday), at 7 pm, to measure strength against Novorizontino, at Jorjo, in Novo Horizonte.

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