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O deal closed in 2020 between Cruzeiro and Fred in the amount of R$ 25 million now runs the risk of surpass the house of R$ 30 million. This is because the former striker informed the Labor Court that the club did not comply with what was agreed between the parties two years ago.

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The 1st Labor Court of Belo Horizonte recognized Cruzeiro’s default. He also granted another request from the former player: the inclusion of SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) as jointly responsible.

In 2005 and with four goals from Fred, Cruzeiro thrashed Sergipe for the Copa do Brasil

In 2005 and with four goals from Fred, Cruzeiro thrashed Sergipe for the Copa do Brasil

“The business company cruise Esporte Clube – Sociedade Anônima do Futebol must be jointly and severally liable for the debt being executed, under the terms of article 2, § 2, of the CLT, so I determine its inclusion in the passive pole of the demand “- says the order, published this Wednesday.

Both Cruzeiro/association and SAF now have eight days to challenge the calculations made by Fred in the action, that is, an updated debt, in September, of around R$30 million.

Former striker Fred — Photo: LUCAS MERÇON / FLUMINENSE FC

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According to Fred’s lawyers, Cruzeiro did not fulfill any part of the agreement. In 2020, after an agreement between the parties, the debt was reduced from approximately R$77 million to R$25 million, with payment being made in installments (more than 60 times) from 2022.

“It is undisputed in the records the breach of the agreement, which requires the application of a fine of 10% on the value of said installments, with the incidence of legal charges provided for in the conciliation term” – says the order.

Cruzeiro/association was granted the Judicial Reorganization of the club, in the First Business Court of Belo Horizonte, which, among other things, suspends executions in progress, for a certain period.

In Fred’s argument, the inclusion of Cruzeiro SAF as a solidary debtor is guided by article 9, sole paragraph, of law 14.193/2021, which cites:

“The Sociedade Anônima do Futebol is not liable for the obligations of the club or original legal entity that formed it, prior to or subsequent to the date of its incorporation, except for the specific activities of its corporate purpose, and is liable for the obligations transferred to it as provided for in § 2 of article 2 of this Law, whose payment to creditors will be limited to the form established in article 10 of this Law.

Single paragraph. With regard to the labor debt, the list of creditors mentioned in the caput of this article includes athletes, members of the technical committee and employees whose main activity is directly linked to the football department”.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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