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Filipe Machado showed total lack of control when he was sent off in the 36th minute of the duel between Cruzeiro and Guarani, this Wednesday. The player complained a lot with the fourth referee and even broke, with a punch, the cover of the bench that houses members of the CBF and FMF (see video below).

Machado punches and breaks one of the benches next to the Mineirão field

Machado punches and breaks one of the benches next to the Mineirão field

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Machado received two yellow cards in a four-minute break. The first, at 33, for complaining about the expulsion of Daniel Junior (direct red, also for complaint); the second, for missing Richard Rios, who was heading towards the area.

When he got the red card, the midfielder did not complain directly to the referee Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães, but left the field gesturing in a clear sign of “it’s over”, mocking the refereeing for the two expulsions.

Filipe Machado punches Mineirão bench after being sent off in Cruzeiro game – Photo: Reproduction

At the edge of the field, he was restrained by members of the technical committee and reserve players of Cruzeiro. Alone, he walked towards the access tunnel to the changing rooms, but he returned and punched the bench. One of the people who was at the scene left and went towards Machado, who was removed by Cruzeiro security.

Filipe Machado will likely be denounced by the STJD Attorney’s Office and judged by the Court. It is worth remembering that he was also expelled in front of Ituano due to a complaint. For the red against Guarani, he will be suspended against Novorizontino, being able to return against CSA, at Mineirão, in the game that will mark the delivery of the cup. It will depend, however, on a possible judgment by the STJD.

The first Cruzeiro to be expelled from the game was Daniel Jr, in the 35th minute of the first half, due to a complaint. When protesting the expulsion, Machado got the first yellow card.

In the second half, after Cruzeiro conceded a goal from Guarani, Edu got into trouble with Richard Rios. The Guarani player kicked the flag from a corner that has the image of the Minas Gerais club. Striker Edu, who had already been substituted, complained vehemently and, after pushing and shoving, was expelled.

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