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With the season finale approaching, the 2023 Serie D takes shape and already has 63 of its 64 known participating clubs. The last remaining spot will be occupied after the Copa Maranhão dispute, a tournament started last Sunday that gives the champion the chance to choose whether to participate in the Fourth Division or the Copa do Brasil.

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Brazilian Cup Série D 2022 — Photo: Franco Junior/ge

In September, CBF announced the Brazilian football calendar for next year, with 24 dates for Série D. The competition starts on April 30 and ends on October 29, already in its final stages. .

In addition to the Maranhão issue, the state of Mato Grosso also awaited a definition from one of its representatives: Nova Mutum. The club won the FMF Cup and, if it chose a spot in the Copa do Brasil, rival Operário de Várzea Grande, runner-up in the state tournament, would enter the Série D. That’s what happened.

+ América-RN lifts the title of Série D 2022

Copa Paulista title gives place in Série D to XV de Piracicaba

Copa Paulista title gives place in Série D to XV de Piracicaba

Within the regionalized blocks – as the dispute format should remain for 2023 -, eight groups will be formed, each with eight teams each, defined by the logistics of displacement of the teams.

In the first phase, the tendency is to repeat the first and second rounds, totaling 14 rounds – with the four best placed advancing to the second phase and, subsequently, facing two more knockouts (octave and quarterfinals) to reach to access.

The Northeast region, for example, will have the largest number of representatives, with 23 in total. In Pernambuco, Santa Cruz, eliminated in the round of 16, and Retrô, in the second phase, will be the participants.

TEC players, Tocantinópolis training — Photo: Assessoria/Tocantinópolis

  • Acre: Humaitá and San Francisco
  • amapá: Train
  • amazon: National and Princess
  • Rondônia: Real Ariquemes
  • Roraima: São Raimundo
  • For: Eagle and Tuna Luso
  • Tocantins: Interporto and Tocantinópolis

Santa Cruz squad — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

  • maranhão: chord
  • Piauí: Parnahyba and Fluminense
  • Ceará: Pacajus, Iguatu, Caucaia, Ferroviário and Atlético
  • Paraíba: Nacional, Sousa and Campinense
  • Pernambuco: Retro and Santa Cruz
  • large northern river: Potiguar and Globo
  • alagoas: Cruise and ASA
  • Sergipe: Sergipe and Falcon
  • Bahia: Atlético, Jacuipense and Bahia de Feira

Brasiliense — Photo: Hugo Barreto / Metropolis

  • Mato Grosso do SulI: worker
  • Federal District: Ceilândia and Brasiliense
  • Goiás: Crac, Anápolis and Iporá
  • Mato Grosso: União and Worker of Várzea Grande

XV de Piracicaba champion of the Copa Paulista — Photo: Lucas Almeida

  • Minas Gerais: Democrata GV, Athletic and Caldense
  • Holy Spirit: Vitória and Real Northwest
  • Rio de Janeiro: Nova Iguaçu, Resende and Portuguesa
  • Sao Paulo: Inter de Limeira, Ferroviário, Santo André and XV de Piracicaba

Caxias players celebrate the leadership of the group — Photo: Vítor Soccol/SER Caxias

  • Paraná: Cascavel, Maringá and São Joseense
  • Santa Catarina: Camboriú, Concordia and Hercílio Luz
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Novo Hamburgo, Aimoré, Caxias and Brazil

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