Dogs have an unusual reaction when they meet robot dog and cat steals the show

A man named Zhou Qing from Huai’an, East China’s Jiangsu Province, who was in love with his dogs, built them a slide and a mansion with their own rooms. Not satisfied, he bought a robot dog to liven up his days. Like this? The robot is programmed to play with pets by squirting water with a gun.

According to the Daily Star news portal, Zhou spent around £68,000 to build the luxurious two-story home dubbed the palace for dogs. The property contains air conditioning, heaters, televisions, lighting and even a safe. Everything for the pets!

And each pet has its own room where they can choose to sleep in the bed or on the sofa. The bedrooms have different designs, but each comes with a set of curtains to give the dogs privacy.

In a post, posted on his social media, Zhou stated: “I really like dogs and I have always treated them as part of my family and they can protect my family”.

In addition to the comfort of a beautiful home, the Chinese chose to offer a somewhat different friend for dogs: a robot. The robot, walks like a dog and to make it a little more realistic, Zhou used a mask in the shape of a Siberian husky. But it seems that the pets were not convinced that ‘that’ was a dog.

Fearful, the dogs preferred to stay away from their new friend. And when he came with the gun squirting water, that’s when the pets ran from the strange figure that circulated in the backyard. The video was posted on Zhou’s social media in September and garnered more than 37,000 reactions and thousands of comments.

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But the best reaction was that of the cat, who preferred to watch the intruder from above. Some netizens even entertained the idea that the feline was controlling the robot to scare his canine friends.

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